After 9 years, I’ve just deleted my account.
Federation !

Good for you. 😀👍

I hope someday soon I can finally pull the plug on mine. 😶

I keep telling people that I rarely login or check FB, but still they keep leaving me messages there. And some companies have their customer service on FB's Messenger -- a foolish thing, me thinks. 🙄 A respectable company ought to have their own chat thing on their own website.

I did* already give people a heads up that I might suddenly disappear from .




@evelynyap The problem is that we’ve all become far too dependent on Facebook.
Customer service, logging-in to other services and for our memories/photos. The algorithms they use to predict our behaviour are pretty scary and Facebook has become an online backup of our personalities.
Despite recent scandals, people are still happy to stay on Facebook.
I can live without Facebook, but the others don’t realise that themselves yet...

I know. I never liked . It's so messed up.👎

And although I hardly post anything there, Facebook has more info than I actually personally contributed... thanks to my oversharing contacts. 🙄

@evelynyap Yep- it’s great to know when someone is on holiday so that we can go and burgle them 👍🏻

They used to say that, "Money is the root of all evil." But really, it's . If someone knows enough about you, they have power over you. And that's creepy.

False sense of .
False sense of .
Oblivious of the world around them.
Just look at how badly people misbehave .
People don't think.
Till it's too late.

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