I’m heading off to work and there’s nobody around anywhere 😧

So tonight is the start of my week of night shifts. I’ll end up working overtime on Sunday because it’ll be shagged anyway so it’ll be the next 7 nights.
Just to piss me off a little bit more, I have to get into work 1 hour early tonight because of how early the last train in is.
I hate night shifts- it completely screws everything up...

After 9 years, I’ve just deleted my account.
Federation !

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix 

I was really excited about watching on because all the other episodes of have been excellent, but I was left bored, frustrated and disappointed.
The story didn’t really go anywhere and the ending was a bit of a cop-out.
The flashbacks became repetitive after making the wrong choice and it became tiresome. I know the whole point was about not having a choice but it was a waste of my time.

Dining room walls now painted; I just need to gloss the woodwork now, but I’m not doing that at 02:30 in the morning.
That would be demented.

I’m not tired and I’m wide awake, so I’m painting the dining room. It’s needed doing for too long now.
If I complete it in a reasonable time, I may even treat myself to an episode of or two.
I’m not an insomniac; I’m just readying myself for the horrendous night shifts I’ve got when I return to work on Wednesday...

I had to buy a new battery for my car today. £160 because my car has ‘stop/start technology’, which only works sometimes anyway.

I’m not mechanically minded but I watched a YouTube video and decided to replace a CV joint on my car. Finding the correct part is half the battle as someone seems to have bodged a CV joint replacement in the past 🤯

Great- foxes are fucking outside and making that godawful screaming noise whilst doing so...

I was looking at ticket prices for some local theatres but holy crap, none of the listed performances are worth that much...

What shall I have for dinner tonight?
How about Christmas leftovers?
Ooh, yes please.
How about Christmas leftovers for the next week?

I’m off work until next Wednesday (woo) but I’m on nights so need to start switching my sleeping pattern, which is a great excuse for lay-ins.
I truly hate working nights though...

My friend bought me a joke jumper from Wish in the hope that I’d be horrified but I kinda like it...

Two drawbacks of having people round for some sort of festivities:

1) People come round to my house
2) Having to do all the poxy cleaning up after people have come round to my house

I’m generally not a people person.

Nor am I much of a washing-up type of person.

This isn’t a cat; it’s a fucking ninja who stops at nothing to get what he wants..

Why are there so many dick and fanny pics on Mastodon??

And why do people feel the need to publicise their sexual orientation/gender/sexual identification on their profiles? Does this form part of their personality?

I’m going to treat myself to a bubble bath. I’ve not had a bath for months because I don’t usually have the patience for it to run but I’m not back to work for another week, so I have time to kill.
Oh, and before anyone tries to be funny... I USUALLY HAVE SHOWERS 🚿

Family and friends are coming over today for Christmas leftovers. I’d rather be left alone to watch the Transformers boxset.
I may just leave the side gate open and tell the festive fuckers to help themselves to the food in the shed 👍🏻

It’s a bit mild today so I’m worried my festive shed leftovers won’t have been kept as cool as I’d have liked. As long as the shed beer is cool, that’s all that matters.

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