Reimplementation of Stacksmith progressing well. Just started adding code to draw selection handles on parts. There's still a lot missing (a lot of commands, can't refer to most objects from script yet, backgrounds don't exist yet, can't move between cards yet etc.) but progress!

@stacksmith heeey I love seeing an update! Where can I learn more about the reimplementation? Wondering if I can help in some way. I have a big passion for HyperCard and end-user programming


@CodingItWrong I'll be posting status updates here, or on my Discord (join via I've not yet decided if the new version will be open source or not, so currently no code to see.

Will post a built version people can write scripts against once it's a bit farther along. What kind of help would you be able to offer?

@stacksmith 1. Old-time hypercard user, recent-time hypercard researcher:
2. I do a lot of blogging and live streaming so could demo it at various states, tutorials, although I know “promotion” isn’t so much needed while at an early stage
3. Writing skills + opinions might allow me to help contributing documentation at the appropriate time

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