I'm proud of my syntax definition language.

It means built-in commands can be sent as regular HyperTalk messages and parts of Stacksmith could possibly be implemented as regular HyperTalk. Also, later once I add a modern equivalent for XCMDs, one can define English-like syntax for the built-in XCMDs.

(Syntax definitions are only parsed once at startup, so stacks can't provide their own new syntax)

Heh, have an issue where two things the parser parses (properties and setting values on dictionaries, which is the same syntax) need to be handled differently, and now I gotta figure out how to get the correct behavior for one w/o breaking the other.

Added rudimentary icon support to Stacksmith. Currently that's just an internal list of icon names, IDs and image paths in stacks, and a pushbutton will look up its image based on that info and display it, + "icon" property.

Reimplementation of Stacksmith progressing well. Just started adding code to draw selection handles on parts. There's still a lot missing (a lot of commands, can't refer to most objects from script yet, backgrounds don't exist yet, can't move between cards yet etc.) but progress!

In a little detour from our regular programming, I just made Forge (a command line tool to run HyperTalk scripts that contains the core of Stacksmith) run on Windows.

That doesn't mean there will be a Stacksmith for Windows, but it is a fun test of how portable that part of Stacksmith is.

Just added another way to add objects to a project (using the Stack Canvas). This for the first time includes a non-script way to create menus!

Did some icons yesterday for the script editor's handler suggestions:

So stacksmith.org has now been sort of restored, and a hopefully not quite as broken build can be found on the Github releases page.

Apologies for the state Stacksmith is currently in. The web site died as the result of a server issue, and I haven't had time to work on it recently, so I'm not sure if you can build it with the current Xcode.

Forge can now be used in a "web site mode" not unlike PHP: Scripts can be enclosed in <? and ?> and in between web page content can be left: mastodon.cloud/media/xhbJDasja

(Now keep in mind, lacking built-in file access in that tool or ability to launch other shell scripts, it's at best useful for simple text processing)

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I just updated the Forge command line tool so it will work as a Unix scripting language (in that it will ignore the shebang). github.com/uliwitness/Forge

Wrote some blog posts on things that happen in Stacksmith. First one can be found here: orangejuiceliberationfront.com more on the next few weekends.


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