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@RachelFriend Once Trump was allowed back on I immediately stopped posting. I'm going to replace my profile with a linktree and a reference here. I still check occasionally to watch the pretty fires, but I don't participate there any longer and even the checking has been far less.

And thankful for those overseas who could look away, but who don't. In governments. International orgs. The diaspora. And people at home.

Thankful to those who pick up the phone not because they must, but because it is right.

And thankful for Ukranians at home. Who for no reason beyond their nationality face a winter, made colder and darker than it should be. But who face it with their own unique warmth and light to defeat the wind of fascism blowing from the East.

To all of you, thank you.

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If you'd like to donate to and support kids in #seattle and #WashingtonState experiencing #FosterCare thru my donation page I was surprised to find out THERE IS DONATION MATCHING for the next several days!!!

Donate $5 and it magically becomes $10 for holiday toys, books, warm clothes, driver's ed classes, school supplies, and more 💚

@ssfckdt @Lockdownyourlife (I kind of don't like analogies, but that's my fault for making one ;)

I think in this analogy, mastodon is like the cool, homebrew farmer's market down the road .. not _really_ a mall, but still has a lot of the same structural underpinnings (it's on private property, and if you want to do something besides set up a booth to sell goods/services it's likely to be a problem)

It's bad enough all the fucking nagware popups telling me to buy this install this add this. Fuck off already.

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ME, 10: I want a big mansion

ME, 20: I want a cool apartment

ME, 30: I want a small hut that stands on chicken legs & has been hidden away deep in the forest

@ssfckdt remember #libertarians are #notonyourside - they conflict with both the #left and #right - but they also align on many things, e.g. happy for decentralisation to include #socialist mutuals (but also allow the other side). However history has many socialist experiments ending in central control, i.e. not content with their own mutual, they want to force/shut down others (hint: it doesn't work, they go underground).

I just find it weird that Musk wants to make Twitter open source and connected, and that made people jump ship to the fediverse (which is open source and connected). I think the acceleration is a good thing, just strange.

I'm dismayed at some of the people on the throwing shade at as "some noise." Like, this is literally people the of mass communication, and these people are opting to side with the because apparently it turns out the are actually scary.
The ideal socialist condition would be independent communities self-governing and engaging in mutual aid. How the hell does fit that model even *remotely* better than ?

Hey all, with the continued influx of Twitter people, I'm once again seeing a drop in the number of people who add alt text/image descriptions to what they post, denying access to many disabled users here.

Exactly how you do this varies by Mastodon client app, but it is usually just below the image once you upload & before posting.

Even a short-but-useful description is better than nothing—focus on what you're trying to get others to get from the image rather than describing every detail.

One of the things about Tumblr and potentially Flickr adopting ActivityPub is that it brings the feeling of mid-2000s internet back, when we had APIs and were encouraged to build cool new interconnections. Before the web was stolen from us by advertising companies.

The power of liberty is something that's really hard to wrap one's head around, especially during the current authoritarian moment.

The idea that you don't need to ask permission is huge. Worst case scenario you just create your own thing and connect to the rest of the world on your own. Individual instances can defederate with you, individual users can block you, but nobody can ban you. Meanwhile, you can block individual users or defederate with other instances, and you have that choice on your own as to what to do.

Without the overarching mega-authority you can appeal to in order to crush your enemies.... you have to tolerate their existence and just disagree with them.

You know what else? You could literally build that "professional" model out of independently run Mastodon servers. Defederate them from the broader network and build your own (cf. Dalnet).

Good luck doing that with Twitter.

The billionaire lovers are going to kill free internet, aren't they?

People with fuckin roses in their profiles going on about how "randos" cant be trusted and how they want "professionals" running things and how taking control of media is "hard"

Make it make fucking sense

I don't know how anyone left of center can say "you know what, letting control our social communication spaces was actually a good thing."

Just no.


With all his big guns out for the match, seems like Berhalter still thinks of JMO and CR7 as second stringers. 😒

Oh my word. I've witnessed a lot of Grey Cups ... but that ... that was something special. #Argos #CFL #GreyCup

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