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My finger is now hovering above the enter key to send a wordy screed calling into question the tacit tolerance by a local organization (that many of you on my follow list know of quite well) of some disturbing things that have been occuring on a certain over the past few months.

It's likely going to stir shit, and I'm going to regret it, but damnit, I think it's important to say. I just don't want to deal with the fallout.

Someone convince me whether or not to press the enter key.

My mom just said there's a pyramid on the dollar bill because America is a pyramid scheme and I'm dying. 😂

Finally finished /#YGwyll tonight. It was a really good series overall. Even though S3E3 got very soap opera-y.

Conservatives pretend to celebrate MLK Jr. nowadays but we all know if he said those things today they'd be screaming about CRT and cultural Marxism, and they'd probably call him a groomer too just for good measure.

The #civilrights hero is honored today mostly for his nonviolent resistance against racial #injustice.

Less remember but equally power was his message as a radical reformer who called for a fundamental redistribution of economic power and resources.


For those new to the Federation and Mastodon, a good read. There is more to it than mastodon.

I really hope that more people realize that #Mastodon really is a better alternative to #Twitter.

I still see too many people who have mixed feelings about Twitter but still stay there, probably because Mastodon is too hard to understand or doesn't have enough people or engagement for them or because of something other superficial feeling based reason.

One day in the near future Mastodon and its apps will grow to be more attractive and by that time these people will be ready to make the transition.

Nobody in August would have ever said that the 2022 would make the playoffs. At all.

So whatever. Awesome run for this team that was the running joke of the off season.

10 - 4 in the 4th quarter. Stars really made good work of this second half.

Two own goals. Three balls caught in the netting. Hope they don't run out :P

There should just be a called AdWatchers Blitz where you just watch for , and you can use the coins to buy longer ads to watch for more coins

With cute quasi- cartoon characters and a , natch. " this with for 50 coins!"

Every physician and HCW must read this and BELIEVE PATIENTS.

As I said at the beginning of the pandemic, to know all of medicine will be to know all of #LongCOVID


Our comprehensive review of #LongCovid has just been published
Phenomenal work by


I don't know who needs to hear this but

The postal service exists to deliver letters and parcels to people
Not to make money for shareholders

The transport system exists to move people to where they need to go
Not to make money for shareholders

The water, gas, and electricity supplies exist to provide people vital utilities
Not to make money for shareholders

The healthcare system exists to ensure (and that's ENsure, not INsure) the health of the population
Not to make money for shareholders

Shareholders in vital public services are a vampiric drain on those services

Capitalism is a disease

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