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Welcome to recent people following me for my posts, but fair warning, I don't toot about or very often :)

The implication from @Are0h seems to be that 's design is bad for because... it's not run by corporate interests?

Like, I can't simply accept the idea that we need billionaires to keep poc safe online. Like, that's a contradiction in terms IMO. When has the rich being in power ever been good for any marginalized community of any kind?

It's not that hard to get people to understand your . But a good first step is not to call them names and insult them when they come to ask to hear it.

Is this somehow a concept?

Thanks everyone. Enjoyed watching the game with the Mastodon #cfl fans. #greycup

We've closed up our Twitter account. A platform whose owner uses it to bait violent anti-democratic conspiracy theories and engage in overt anti-semitism is not a place compatible with our mission to inform, create accountability, and improve democracy.

After we finish the move to early next year, I might have to find myself at a game or two.

Kind of amusing how there's more Riders fans in the stands than either of the teams playing.

Poor defense on that drive. This game is going to come down to clock management I bet.

I don't have a dog in this fight -- or any game really at all. But I generally lean towards rooting for the underdog.

Wrote a blog on why AWS never dove seriously into blockchain. Features groovy pix from a trip to New York, which is part of the story:

football #greycup 

NM that there's soccer pitch lines on the field and there isn't even a soccer tenant at Mosaic.

football #greycup 

LOL the Riders logo is still on the grass under the Argos logo. Classy work . Not quite pulling out all the stops for the big game huh?

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