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A #comic about being bad at planning grocery shopping. This doesn't happen online, just saying.

Westminster Voting Intention:

LAB: 51% (+1)
CON: 25% (-2)
LDM: 9% (+3)

, 17-19 Nov.
Changes w/ 10-14 Nov.

Right now I have a Mastodon column for Seattle and Sounders hashtags, and another for Boston hashtags (my old hometown). It's very useful for keeping tabs on my interests.

Channeling @GWillow and asking people to amplify this so we can find #SoundersFC mastodon people.

Wondering how will take to my habitual match tweeting when footy season returns. Might have to use a CW tag 😂

How to Catch a Mountain Lion
an illustrative guide

1. Place a cardboard box where the animal frequently visits.
2. Sit back and wait.
3. A cat is a cat is a cat.

I think we all deserve to relish this moment in late 2022 and come to grips with the fact that the open web never went away. It’s been here the whole time. We were just blind to the importance of preserving it and nurturing it at all costs.

We thought corporations could learn how to be good citizens on the web, and that the benefits of “centralized” content outweighed the risks. We were wrong.

And now a MASSIVE course correction is finally underway. Finally.

So many , , , etc folx coming to Mastodon lately makes me think we need to get some resources together for a server

So here's a thing.

They way operate these days is they do quarterly or annual earnings reports.

When the reports show growth that is lower than the previous one, or even a loss, the demand cutbacks.

This is completely irrelevant of how good the previous 1, 4, 10 reports have been.

So in Q2 you make 10x . Shareholders are happy.

But next earnings report, you've 10%.

Shareholders FLIP THE FUCK OUT and hand you a machete.

@jeffcliff that post you boosted is a good example of what happens when my worlds collide :D
ftr myself and others mostly ended up setting the person straight

TIL that Philip Michael Thomas put out a pop/R&B/reggae album in 1985, which was roundly panned and flopped.
In listening now, it's really not at all that bad. It wouldn't be out of place in an R&B/soul/smooth jazz playlist. Perhaps the reason it was so vilified was because of the expectations that Thomas made for it: it was to be the G in his EGOT, a term he coined yet never came close to achieving.

Does anyone know if you can have an on the same mastodon server? Thinking of having my old alt handles both exist on but go to the same profile.

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