Norton Security is deleting netcat?

I have. fucking. had it. with Norton.

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It's bad enough all the fucking nagware popups telling me to buy this install this add this. Fuck off already.

@jeff it came with πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ and i was content to just let it be but now... final straw

@ssfckdt if I may suggest, avast is free & rock solid. I use it on the 2 windows laptops in my house (my laptop runs Linux, so on mine I scan files using clam)

Norton ran its course. Became top heavy (resource wise), surpassed by solid free or donate software (like avast) & money hungry (charging so much for this, that & the other etc)

@ssfckdt I've always though of avg as a bit spammy myself lol and you're welcome, I hope avast can meet your needs (they have a paid version with more perks, but way more affordable than Norton, & way less resource hungry etc. For most, the free suffices tho)

@ssfckdt delete system32 folder. its the only way.
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