Today "celebrates" (aka ) with an interactive about the drink.

I'm guessing it sidesteps the fact that the name "boba tea" (and thus the bowdlerization "bubble tea") comes from the large breasts of the anime characters that boba joints would put on the cups' plastic covers, which drove the drink's popularity in its native Taiwan.

Shades of the Tri-Lamb's pie selling booth

Are you a GenX rocker like me? Have you heard of Ghost but never heard Ghost?

I invite to to check out this great rock tune: Keep Rock Alive!! 🤘🏽🖤🔥🙌🏼 ℁

Just made the wife and I dirty wet using Stuffed and juice and they were damned good.

12 Gin
Dry Vermouth
Gherkin Stuffed Olives (and juice)

IDK where you can get gherkin stuffed olives at other than Smallwood's in Peshastin WA...

The root cause of homelessness is lack of housing. It really is that simple. Build more housing. Build apartment buildings with single room occupancy, low rent, and supportive services.

Anyone know if there's a simple way to entirely quit slack on android?

I know I can sign out per workspace, the problem is my company has about a dozen workspaces and I'm in 5 of them.

I want to just... quit from the app :P

Sitting in a bar and they have soccer on, I catch the kits out of the corner of my eye and they’re white with a blue and red stripe down the middle… “oh yeah, they have an OL men’s team…” 🤦🏻‍♂️ #OLReign #NWSL

Hmm. Let's say you run your own solo . Your will be limited to the instances of people you .

But what if you made a dummy unused account on your instance that simply followed a person from every notable instance?

As I understand it, that should greatly broaden the net for your federated feed.

Echoing others, I love how this place is a real choice between "give $8 and your attention to Elon Musk and advertisers" and "give money to indie developers and Real People".

In other news: (fan advisory group) has joined in opposing the - sponsorship over issues with Providence's anti-, anti-, and anti-poor practices, calling it a "seemingly profound disconnect with the club’s organizational values." soundersalliance.files.wordpre "

So, great. Every algorithm is AI now.

"Solve your math equations with our handheld AI device! Give it any math problem and this AI will give you the correct answer every time! The AI is even smart enough to do percentages! Requires 2 AAA batteries and fits in your pocket"

religious healthcare vs sports 

BIG feels about #sounders taking a catholic health care company as their jersey sponsor. Yay, they're local. But I have a uterus, and a desire not to die of mishaps related to it, because of someone else's religious beliefs. I stopped going to swedish when Providence bought them, I won't wear their logo now. :| #ssfc #ebfg #mastodonFC

Since I seem to be on a bitching-about-stuff kick, the new names for the Seattle Link lines are dumb. The 1 line and the 2 line? Those names don't mean anything. "Central Link" and "East Link" mean something clear.

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