My team at work just launched new research on the #TwitterMigration: We analyze which platforms are growing - especially #Mastodon, #Tumblr & #Post.

We look at which sites users are adding to their Twitter bios, posting to their friends about & downloading apps for.

Please do boost this, and love to hear any comments or feedback on it!

Download it here:


I can tell my new antidepressants are doing wonders. There is a particular sad Christmas song I listen to every year and it always makes me moody and weepy. But it's just not hitting the same this year. I don't feel the sad. It isn't resonating the same as it usually does. Kind of cool tbh. Medication is great.

You have up watch this. LeBron James questions why the media repeatedly asked him about Kyrie Irving sharing the documentary on his social media but hasn’t asked him once about his thoughts on the Jerry Jones photo. We know why but much respect to Lebron for making this point 👊🏾.

GROUND #BREAKING: #HakeemJeffries has officially been elected to be the next leader of House #Democrats!!! He will be the FIRST #Black #American to lead a major political party in #Congress. #MomentousMoment #ItsAboutTime

@ChaseTMAnderson this may sound crazy, but I lived in such a rural area of WI I didn't see a #POC until I joined the Navy at 17. I was familiar with poverty, child abuse & many other negativities. My first roommate in the Navy was black. We talked a lot about the similarities of growing up. I can say honestly I have no bias and you should feel safe here. Honestly, you should feel safe everywhere. Write like you aren't marginalized. Write like you're not silenced. Be free to be you! Welcome 🔆

#fediverse Any suggestions for #nonwhite people to follow.

Especially #queer #black and #poc accounts. If you are a black or POC drop a reply and I will likely give you a follow.

is this really what we’re doing mastodon 

@eileenmnoonan at the end of the day, if you're opting to patronize a person platforming nazis, only because the nerdy kids with the underground website are mean on the internet, you've made a real curious choice imo

from @micahflee, about twitter's recent ban of antifascist activist @chadloder.

elon specifically asked andy ngo to send him "antifa accounts" that should be suspended. chad loder was banned shortly after. ngo had previously tried to have loder suspended from twitter, and had even become involved in a legal battle to try to force them to stop reporting on a January 6 insurrectionist.

why call it bird site when ‘the fowl place’ is right there and a much better pun

@decay The fact that so many vocal influencers keep defining "internet" as "twitter and facebook" is the number one problem with vocal influencers on the internet. they don't understand what the word means, but act like they do.

Imagine that the internet is bigger and has way more potential than the big flashy trinkets the rich have been marketing to you for their own benefit

I'd like to think the people on going on endless about how awful terrible and bad Mastodon is are up in Elon's tweets telling him how awful terrible and bad Twitter is.

I don't think they are. That's simply not what they do. They're blithely doing the devil's work for him.

"Please continue to worship the rich, everyone. Because I don't know how to use Wordpress and I'm wholly dependent on rich guys with printing presses for my livelihood. Also STEM people are poopyheads."

Am I the only one who starts playing "And Then He Kissed Me" in his head whenever the 2022 ditty plays on commercial breaks?

For months, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has pushed a controversial plan to turn over public housing land to a soccer team owned by an influential billionaire. This month, the owner of the Chicago Fire FC donated $25,000 to the mayor’s reelection campaign. @ProPublica

what was your first social network?

(plz boost for sample size)


Just saw the goal by in the last minutes of and that was OMG JUST CRUEL 😂

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