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Scientists Have Found a Woman Whose Eyes Have a Whole New Type of Colour Receptor

'...neuroscientists in the UK recently announced that they've discovered a woman who has an extra type of cone cell - the receptor cells that detect colour - in her eyes.

...that means she can see an incredible 99 million more colours than the rest of us, and the scientists think she's just one of a number of people with super-vision, which they call "tetrachromats", living amongst us...' we're doing another beer/coffee/juice meetup tomorrow at 6:30pm at JackKnife in downtown , let me know if you're interested!

If y'all could, please follow me on :)

GNOME will be at the #openSUSE Conference, May 26–28 '17 in Nuremberg, Germany, stop by our booth and say hi #oSC17 #gnome !gnomedesktop

Big news: we have successfully synchronized all bridged Freenode membership lists with Matrix!! This meant fixing >500,000 room members...

why am I getting so many followers? I'm hardly a prolific tooter. :P

hey! doenst have language filtering, but does? nuts.. when we getting that here? :)

waht to do, what to do.. I have a account now, but everyone is following me on

We've temporarily killed the GIMPnet IRC bridge due to ongoing DDoS there, which started to impact on the server.

my stackexchange community got denied.. I had to send mail to the moderator. meh

We are building a stackexchange community for GNOME/GTK+ help make it a success and follow, and help ask questions and write answers!

I remember when I used to be a good speller. Thanks to spellcheck, that has gone completely south. :/

I made some nice paneer kebabs last night on the grill.. i was pretty good :)

This is not even my final form.

Official account of the Mastodon project. News, releases, announcements. All in micro-blog form!

🎺 Toot toot! 🎺

Spread the news, it's legit, @maloki and @Gargron boost to prove it!

Microblog (in 5 parts) inc. soon!

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