So I'm thinking of doing a podcast. I dont really want to do the kind of podcasts that are currently out there. I want to do something that i less about technology but more about people. Think Fresh Air but with open source/free software guests. Less about technology but more about the people and what drives them. I had actually had two versions in mind, one that's actually talking while cooking and the other format as simply a conversation in an intimate setting.

@chadmccullough Happy to see you finally got your machine after all the mess with UPS :)
We can't really break API/ABI in the 3.x series? Isn't it essentially frozen for that? wait, we are going to have icon view in file chooser? This will be more for feedback than any kind of advertising. Plus we do goofy thing. See system76 tweet . :) Of course, I might talk about Pop!_OS which is Free Software.

hola! So.. what do you think, put system76 presence on Mastodon?

@NattyGov so funny when you use geyser, cuz that seems like a Indian thing too.

I have a new job - I am the community manager for System76! :-) :D The sharing of food is the most powerful expression I know. Something I put a high value on. (good food) when you finish, I will make you some carnitas! :D the coffee cup is the right emoji to use! :D

@yushi_shimada how come? Only thing I can think of is that they are all missionary based aid agencies.

The municipality of Tirana is serious about Free Software

It seems like one of the main reasons to migrate from ownCloud to Nextcloud was "the fact that Nextcloud is offering an enterprise product which is 100% open source".

It is really great to see that more and more companies and public authorities value freedom and independence. Software freedom is not just for community and home users, everyone deserves it and need it!

According to the article: "The migration to Nextcloud is an important event since this is the first municipality in South Eastern Europe which is putting serious efforts in avoiding proprietary software"

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