So I'm thinking of doing a podcast. I dont really want to do the kind of podcasts that are currently out there. I want to do something that i less about technology but more about people. Think Fresh Air but with open source/free software guests. Less about technology but more about the people and what drives them. I had actually had two versions in mind, one that's actually talking while cooking and the other format as simply a conversation in an intimate setting.

Right now, #Conservancy's bkuhn is verifying donations for credit to our match. Spoiler alert: we're close; a few more donations today will take us over the top! Last chance to take advantage of the generous match from PIA & Anonymous

Received my System76 Galago Pro, today. I'm beyond excited! Believe it or not, in my 50 years on this planet, 23 years of that using Linux and Unix before that, I've never owned a new laptop. I can now retire my 10 year old ThinkPad T400. A great piece of hardware in its own right.

hola! So.. what do you think, put system76 presence on Mastodon?

I have a new job - I am the community manager for System76! :-)

A lot of the software used by public institutions is proprietary. This means that the public - including you - is financing software that cannot be modified, studied, shared, or improved.

How can we put our trust in public bodies if they don't have full control over the software they are using?

Shouldn't your money be used to develop software that benefits you and other citizens?

If you think it should, join the #publiccode campaign.

The municipality of Tirana is serious about Free Software

It seems like one of the main reasons to migrate from ownCloud to Nextcloud was "the fact that Nextcloud is offering an enterprise product which is 100% open source".

It is really great to see that more and more companies and public authorities value freedom and independence. Software freedom is not just for community and home users, everyone deserves it and need it!

According to the article: "The migration to Nextcloud is an important event since this is the first municipality in South Eastern Europe which is putting serious efforts in avoiding proprietary software"

Read more:

#FreeSoftware #Policy #Tirana #Albania #Nextcloud

speaking of the #oneDollarPatreon

Did you know that also has a patreon account? :)

I had an amazing time at GUADEC with my @gnome family. Community based conferences like GUADEC is so different than the more business friendly ones. Incredible passion and amazing conversations. Also, we had a lot of dancing so, also some awesome dance movies! :-)

boy, it's been awhile since I posted anything.


#darktable [] is a non-destructive photography program.

Its toolkit ranges from basics like tone curves and sharpening to advanced features like multiple noise reduction algorithms, lens correction and wavelet based editing. Most of its tools allow both drawn and parametric masks.

Darktable can apply an edit to multiple images. It supports RAWs and also has features for easy sorting and exporting of photos.

I hope some of you make it to GUADEC this year. If you're going to be there, the BOFs are when we get real work done.

Come join us and help fix something. All skill levels are appreciated. We can definitely find something for you to work on.

Have you seen the fantastic venue that we have for this year's GUADEC? More info in:

ah fuck.

Got laid off from $WORK this morning.

I have savings and my severance pay but I need to start looking for work ASAP.

If anybody is hiring a sysadmin||devops||networking||customer support person, please let me know. Willing to relocate though remote is preferred.

I would also appreciate a few bucks in my Patreon for some peace of mind:

I also have PayPal if you prefer that:

Please boost this.

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