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but the biggest mindhack of all is to just be nice to people

Anyone out there have a code for insanejournal.com you'd like to float my way?

They tell you as a child you can do anything you want in life. Apparently I fucked that up along the way.

I’ve lived a whole lot of years with a don’t rock the boat philosophy, but I’m thinking it might be time to ditch that and take some chances.

So basically if I take the new job, this year is a make or break year for me. If it works out, I’ll be on top of the world. Otherwise...it could be quite ugly.

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Psa: the word “drunk” is not good as a content warning. It tells too much.

Its not a trigger warning. Its a trigger.

Use “alcohol” or such for your warnings. Thats vague, and tells us enough to avoid the cut content without opening flashback floodgates or setting off use-to-abuse brains.


So also uh dont put it in your display names thats also not helping thx bye

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So in an effort to assuage the unpleasantness of the holiday, my son and I went shopping yesterday and bought new guitars. I’m feeling better now.

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I don't care if you celebrate Christmas (as a borderline atheist i celebrate the social part) but really i just hope you have a good time with people you enjoy tomorrow, blood family or chosen. That's the real shit that matters

I used to spend the holiday week dreading the return to work. This year I'm almost eager to get back as I hope to have opportunity to submit a resignation letter within the first two weeks of the year.

@thatkruegergirl@mastodon.social Are you still hanging out here any?

@pixelpaperyarn Have you had any success finding a good alternative to Medium for writing this and that?

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me: buys notebook to start writing in
also me: leaves notebook on pile of notebooks purchased to start writing in

Anyone have a particularly good tea supplier to recommend?

A small management team from a company I'm interested in took me to lunch Friday. So, that's a plus.

I've been getting up earlier in the mornings but never 4am may have been a bit excessive.

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