🎤 In just a couple of weeks time, I'll be speaking at RubyConf AU, introducing Hanami 2.0 and sharing a sneak preview of what's to come in our next release. I hope I can see some of you there!


#hamami #ruby #oss #conference

Gusto's @techpickles@twitter.com has shipped Singed, a swiss-army-knife tool for getting flamegraphs anywhere in a Ruby application: github.com/rubyatscale/singed

It slices, it dices, it profiles:

* Blocks
* Tests
* Requests
* Controllers
* Command line

... all using Speedscope! It's great.

The first beta version of #Tusky 21 is out!
✅ Editing
✅ change your preferred reading direction
✅ improved (bigger) media previews
✅ add accounts to lists from their profile
✅ view all your followed hashtags
full changelog: github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/rele
⚠️ There is a known issue of 21.0 beta 1 crashing on Androids below 11 that is already being fixed

If anyone knows an outstanding product designer from a systemically marginalized community who really deserves a dream gig I can highly recommend a specific opportunity right now.

I know Mastodon DMs are weird and scary but you can try that or my email (see verified site in profile).

All I can say is that unlike most orgs claiming to "make a difference" this one actually is.

Boosts welcome.


#GitLab 15.8 just released with external status checks and self-managed #SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management ). More details in the link: about.gitlab.com/releases/2023

Shopify could have ported the Ruby code to Crystal and shipped a zero-dependency binary, but instead went with Node. Also, Node is not a Functional Programming language, you will still have to deal with side effects.

TIL that all the `gsub`ing Capybara does in its nodes for text formatting add a 20-30% overhead to specs, or about 6 seconds on one example for what I was testing on.

Might get a PR out for that later

@postmodern for me when I see a variable with _ I ignore it.

That is an important context about that variable that just says "will not be used further in the code so you can just skip it from your mental model"

Example in the image (v2), after the line with subject.call(env) I will not be concerned at all about status and body.

in V1 - to know this information that status and body will not be used I have to read the entire method

in V2 - I know from first line they will not be used

Yo, Rubyists. Nokogiri 1.14.0 is out with native (precompiled) support for Ruby 3.2.

Pattern matching! ARM Linux support! Performance improvements! And more!


#ruby #nokogiri

@StabbyCutyou @davetron5000 how many times do we need to see a "thought leader" exposed as someone who had 1 good idea _and good marketing_?

Hi everybody, I’m ready to unveil my year-end-holiday-hack project:

Meet Searchtodon: ***Private*** Timeline Search for Mastodon

It fills a gap that I have been missing over on Twitter as well: “I remember seeing this THING, where was that again?”

It is built with privacy and consent in mind (pls see the FAQ), but is also *an experiment* to see if something like this is accepted by the larger Mastodon community.

Here goes: searchtodon.social

I was thinking about how I have hundreds of programming comics I've posted to Twitter over the last 5 years that aren't on Mastodon anywhere. Would folks be interested in a "b0rk_reruns" account where I have a bot post older comics?

I think the main hard thing about that would be figuring out captions, I only started writing captions pretty recently and backfilling is hard

Revision 551: Restic – Backups, aber richtig

Mit Gast Alexander Neumann, seines Zeichens Entwickler der FOSS-Backup-Software Restic quatschen wir über Backups, Backup-Strategien und Backup-Fails.

👉 workingdraft.de/551/

After two months of the first commit, the @elk repository is now open to everyone! We're grateful to all the amazing folks that joined during the closed alpha and worked with us to get here. 250+ devs joined the Early Preview team, and 65 of them sent a PR to the repo 🙏

Get involved! Help us with testing, triaging, providing ideas, and contribute to Elk. Let's build a delightful user experience together :elk:

With 🧡 from the Team: @antfu, @daniel, @sxzz, @patak, and the Elk contributors: github.com/elk-zone/elk

Ruby has four equality comparison operators (that I know of). FOUR!

That's not a feature, that's an identity crisis

#Mastodon is hiring!

› Remote-only
› Full-time

Looking for:

› DevOps Engineer
› Product Designer

It could be you! Apply now:


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