Still not solved the server issues 😔

Restarting the node app manually once a day sems to keep it ticking over.

Unsustainable! With hindsight, I'm now planning a much simpler *serverles*s v6…

Well that didn't work. It spiked again last night at 2200. Could it possibly be a dodgy CPU?? Unlikely! But let's find out by switching to an AMD CPU for an extra dollary-doo a month

Argh! Still no solution to the overnight 💯 CPU spikes ☹️ I was hoping updating nginx might work... a temporary hack will be to restart every 6hrs with a CRON job. Looks like the wonderful PM2 has CRON restart built in!

pm2 startOrRestart ecosystem.config.js --cron-restart="0 */6 * * *" --env production

As ever, thanks to for preventing me from having to remember syntax

Ugh that didn't fix it, CPU at 100% again overnight 😞 looking in to it...

.... and we're back! That was hairy 😬

🤞should be good, please let us know if you encounter any weirdness!

Upgrading my Ubuntu server from 21 to 22LTS. Hopefully this will fix the recent ~~*unpleasantness*~~

Apologies for any downtime, wish us luck!

* CPU spike crashes

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