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It's fun to watch the language shift as the Earth turns and different time zones wake up and go to bed.

Curious what users would like to see in a web article to solution such as ours. We think mastodon integration is a great time to rethink this compared to our current birdsite offering.

So far we have:
• Submission via direct message to @speakittome from any Mastodon instance.
• Federated login (so no credential storage on our end)
• Response with direct link to mp3 and podcast feed update.

What else would you like to see? Let us know.

Mastodon/OStatus dev ideas 

I commented on a Mastodon issue regarding supporting multiple domains.

I think this can be super important for making users' identities independent of the instances they connect to, and can be part of a seamless user migration strategy.

Hat-tip to @danyork for the idea.

Mastodon/OStatus dev ideas 

@HerraBRE @danyork thanks for the tip. Will be following this closely as we look at integration for our service. I had designed a way around in the interim, but it involves tracking the various federated instances and asking users to enter in their server instance. @speakittome

We're going ahead and performing some infrastructure upgrades while we prepare for integration. There's a lot of great libraries out there already for Mastodon that we want to give thanks to. More to come!

Mastodon API integration looks fairly smooth, submitting pages via for us to convert to is officially in our development roadmap! :white_check_mark: Stay tuned.


Hello type people. I'm looking forward to reading articles for you all as well. Hoping to try out Mastodon's API integration and see if we can't some free conversion of web articles in here for you!

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