We're looking for some help to determine what type of value model will work for with our service. We're interested in incorporating your opinions. If you've got any, join us in a discussion at . h/t to @adam in particular for raising this in our consciousness again with the last few podcasts. 👍🏻

@speakittome @adam please just allow to put Adsense code on user's toots when accessed directly not in stream!

@adam @speakittome yes, you have no such interface because such feature (additional field in user preferences to inject AdSense's non-daily source code) is not available, so somebody would have to develop it as plugin or extension, as Mastodon itself will never have it due to anti-commercial ideology thereof

Also: Mastodon is meant to be ad-free so it could (?) violate some Terms of Service too 🤑😡🤔🤢

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