I can understand the reasons behind not being able to quote toots, but on the downside I can't boost the photo of baby goats I just saw and tag @soybomb44 so now he'll never see them. They're gone forever. No fluffy little legs or floppy ears for @soybomb44

@soybomb44 oh well! too bad they passed the law about no more baby goat photos online!

@soybomb44 you call your own damn congressman, we live in the same district. we live together. we're sitting on the same couch. right now.

@tessaracked @soybomb44 this is some real adorable Nick & Nora Charles shit


@tessaracked @Louisa

Though I am definitely going to get wrecked on old-tmey cocktails to forget the memory of this happening to me. Anyone want a Pim's Cup?

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