Nothing like a Hulu list full of movies about gay young white men coming of age but their mom is mean and their dad is dying to make you remember how fucking good Tangerine is.

Every Frame A Painting
Every Word A Poem
Every Note A Sea Shanty
Every Unit Of Marble A Building

Body Heat is the greatest movie ever made and is completely fucking horny about William Hurt's back.

Even if there was a performative aspect to their fear, it was fun as fucking shit. I saw It on opening night with a crowd of 12 people and none of the scares did anything for any of them. Peele has a legitimate talent and if he can keep turning in movies at this budget he can probably follow his weird little muse forever, courtesy of Blumhouse. Exciting!

Also, this is the first time in years I saw an effective horror movie with a packed crowd of screaming teenagers and it was absolutely incredible. The first big scare, that is featured prominently in the trailers, literally had two teenage boys dive out of their seats and run for the exit, which is a thing you hear in anecdotes about the original runs of Alien or The Exorcist but always sounds like bullshit.

From start to finish, even having seen the trailer 23 times and knowing all the images I still had to see, I never knew what was going to happen next, never knew if any characters were safe, never knew WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON. Even if it's too perfect to be a perfect hell, Us is a hell of a thing.

But even if I watch this a half dozen more times and never get why you reference THAT specific 1986 event, this film works anyway. Peele has grown greatly as a director of horror and part of not having a neat high-concept is that Us is totally unpredictable.

And later exposition so belabored and comprehensive (and yet totally baffling and irresolvable) that simply has to be about a Specific Thing. What is that Specific Thing? I don't know. You can float theories as universal as underclass vs upper class or as timely as the Trump-era bringing irrefutable light to American truths that always already existed, but none seem to quite fit to me, not enough to enhance the film.

You don't have to break your back coming up with the perfect social issue this is an allegory for to enjoy the film but the inclination to do so is perfectly understandable. Opening the exact same way as Noe's Climax (this time the VHS is CHUD and The Right Stuff instead of Suspiria and Possession), he lays out period details so specific that they have to have ulterior motive.

Us (2019) - Ultimately Peele's problem here is that he is a very literal and logic-driven filmmaker, constantly using best Hollywood practices of setting up and paying off gags, everything noted and then called back, and these devices add up to an experience that is impossible to view as pure irrational nightmare, even if pure irrational nightmare is what would serve this story.

Watching the deleted scenes of the new Halloween and I'm getting a real hankerin' to re-edit this movie, but I have no idea what I'd do with the ending.

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I learned about Just Tattoo Of Us today and I will never be the same

I want to be the American contestant on GBBO who says he's "inspired by traditional street foods of my homeland" but just keeps making corndogs.

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AP Bio is like if Eastbound and Down had the relentless sweet-nature of Bob's Burgers, which you'd think would be a shitshow but nah, it's good. Just prickly enough to not let the sugary bits turn me off.

As someone who had a very embarrassing Myspace artist page that he couldn't log into and delete, fucking thank God.

Hell yeah I'm depressed.


Last wrestle toot, I promise: When you see wrestling live you are shown a huge variety of different body types doing extraordinary things wearing very little, so yeah, there's a sexy, occasionally homo-erotic element to wrestling as well.


This is video of this lunatic who made a crowd of wrestling fans boo wrestling and cheer Wheatus.

@tessaracked (I have looked up the wrestler's name, it is Spyder Nate Webb, this guy is a real problem)

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