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Say hello to the latest member of, @soybomb43!

I'm on now, my new account is Follow it to fill your feeds with all my inanity.

I think I keep accidentally ordering region B blu-rays because I want a region-free player and my sub-conscious is trying to force the issue.

There's actually a lot of really beautiful looking direct-to-video genre movies from the late 80s/early 90s because that's when the Italian film industry collapsed and there were suddenly a ton of incredibly talented artists and craftsman who would work for cheap and that's the specific look and feel the new Child's Play movie has.

The new Child's Play movie is actually really good and Ricochet is the United States champion, some Sundays turn out alright.

I was mad at the time because Donald Glover is a waaaay better comedic actor than he is a rapper but upon rewatch I completely get why he would leave Community, the Troy character gets so dumb by the end of season 3.

Been having a nice nostalgic time with the Castlevania collection but I was not expecting this level of sense memory.

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Is "Enby and the Hets" a good username? If so please don't steal

You can't say you're body positive until you find some bootleg of Puppetry of the Penis on RedTube and watch the whole thing.

Been waiting 15 years to rewatch Eva since my first time in high school and hearing the dialogue has been altered is enough to make me wait another 15.

If you are going to process dried chilis in a food processor you better make sure the dust wont fly out the cracks and also dont touch your eyes, I basically just pepper sprayed myself making turkey chili, Jesus Christ I'm dumb.

I spent my entire middle school career preparing for the Tifa titty discourse and now it's here and I got nothing to say.

My partner is in a toxic relationship with their Stardew Valley wife, AMA

Not drinking is hard when your idle thoughts are all horrific.

I thought I liked Dark Souls and that's because I forgot about the archives, this game is trash, actually.

yo, this isn't even a Tina Fey movie, why does Wine Country have a scene of ridiculous cartoonish gender non-conforming people getting yelled at by wealthy middle-aged ladies for no reason?

You people didn't watch AP Bio and now it's cancelled. Yes, you, I am convinced all 9 people who follow me are Nielsen households.

Captive State is the District 9 of 2019, right down to the underwhelming ending and mushy politics. But such wonderful low-budget world building!

These Charmin ads have escalated to the entire bear family sitting in the living room getting sexually aroused thinking about wiping their ass. They are LITERALLY SELLING TOILET PAPER WITH ANIMATED ARISTOCRATS JOKES NOW. 2019. IT'S THAT KIND OF YEAR.

Killing Eve is really good but it's even better if you've spent 40+ hours playing Hitman 2.

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