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So apparently John le Carré has a new novel coming out which he supposedly finished before he passed away last year. It's called Silverview. I'm keeping my expectations low, but I'll read it. It won't be worse than any other contemporary novel. That's going to be an interesting reading experience for me knowing that it's the last goodbye.


@joaopinheiro Is the bench blocked for COVID related distancing?

@SlowRain Swipe from edge to go back, quick swipe up (and release) from the bottom to return home, and swipe up the same way and hold to see recent apps.

@SlowRain I thought similarly about the navigation button but now I can't use a phone without the gestures. It took me a while to get used to the gestures, but after that, it feels like the most natural way to navigate.

They retort with an ominous - "But what if there is an issue with it, I can help you if I open it now."

This is one reason I prefer to avoid purchasing personal electronics from Croma.

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Croma (an electronics and home appliances retail store chain in India) asks it's store associates to demo the product to the customer after the purchase. For many items, particularly for personal electronics - phones, laptops, tablets, etc. - the unboxing experience is a part of the overall ownership experience. I hate it when the associates insist on unboxing them for the demo. A simple "No, thank you, I'd prefer to do it myself at home" doesn't convince them.

Speaking of multiplying like rabbits, can anyone tell me why my Leonardo Momento Zero pens are getting naughty all the time?

I've been on an Al-Star trip lately. I have an Al-Star from 2009, but I rarely ever used it. I've always enjoyed Safari more. Recently, decided to give it a try, and wow, the Al-Star offers a distinctly better experience than the Safari. It's a hair thicker and the added width feels nice while writing. The section plastic also feels nicer than the Safari. Had to get myself a new Al-Star today. I can see these things multiplying like rabbits over the next few months while sitting in my pen case.

@joaopinheiro That interface reminds me of TweetDeck - it was by far my most preferred interface for Twitter back in the day.

@joaopinheiro The toots follow this format. They look like they're automatically generated.

@pivic Indeed. I think Piccolo was the inspiration. Ranga has managed to deliver a compact and a comfortable pen with this one. I'm not surprised it has become their bestseller already. @LN @SlowRain

@joaopinheiro Sorry to ask, but I see many toots from you in the format as this. Is it a feature of Hubzilla? I'm unfamiliar with Hubzilla.

@LN You're right, most Indian handmade pens are large sized. Consider a Ranga "Abhimanyu" maybe? That's a more compact pen. I'll post a size comparison later, but for now, this is the only picture I have in my phone. @SlowRain @pivic

@SlowRain yeah, I read that!

This isn't a flex nib, just a regular medium.

New - this is from Ranga and has a gold-plated steel JoWo medium nib.

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For if a room that exists under the governance, authority, and intent of others seems smaller than it is, then a room that exists in secret can, regardless of its dimensions, seem as vast as one cares to imagine.

- Amor Towles, A Gentlemen in Moscow


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