fountain pens 

I'm looking for a pen I can bring to work and/or a pen with a nice broad nib to show off cool inks and I am deeply conflicted what pen to gettttt

#fountainpens #currentlyinked

re: fountain pens 

am looking at faber castell grip, twsbi swipe, or possibly a lamy safari


re: fountain pens 

@verityvirtue You can’t go wrong with any of them. Faber Castell would have the smoothest nibs out of the box. That’s not to say that a Lamy nib wouldn’t be smooth, just that Faber Castell nibs are more consistently reliable while Lamy has QC issues at times.

re: fountain pens 

@soum v nice, v nice

I already have a lamy al-star tbf which I enjoyed out of the box, and I'm keen to try a variety rather than dive deep into 1 brand!

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