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Fascinating how old #java reputation still continues today. Yesterday my son told me "but dad, how come #Minecraft be written in #java, they say it's slow!".

At the same time, he believes #python is faster (which is true for startup time, tbh).

So, modern Java is everything but slow. The #JIT is phenomenal, and there are technologies like #graalvm to compile to native. Pick your #java !

Let’s try this again. Where you at #fediverse? Boosts welcome so we can get the best sample size.

@daschners Nice overview, Sebastian.

Looking forward to your video about String Templates. ;-)

Hey everyone! Taking advantage of mastodon's distributed nature, I have created a secondary account focused on my #astronomy passion. Feel free to follow one, or the other, or both :)

See you at !

Mal dieses Anspruchsdenken ein wenig ablegen: Es ist schon krass geil und ein kleines Wunder, dass ein paar Ehrenamtliche etwas so gut durchdachtes und funktionierendes wie das Fediverse auf die Beine gestellt haben. Danke allen, die da Zeit, Geld und Liebe reinstecken.

Happy to announce that I'm speaking at #JavaLand_Konferenz next year. My talk is about #maintenance . 🤩🎉😎🤠#communityRulez

After a few days of poking around I think I like it in the #fediverse. Thus, a short #introduction is due:
I’ve been programming computers for more than four decades and it’s still one of the most fulfilling activities I know - at least sometimes. As far as I know I was the first person calling themselves a „Software Therapist“ (around 2012).
In my private life I tend to get upset about lots of things: unsocial politics, climate change deniers, cars, failing at basketball, you name it…

RFR: 8294982: Implementation of Classfile API. I laughed when this was announced as I was 95% complete on my own classfile API but I think I'll now use the official API for the JITWatch internal model refactoring.

The domain is friendly redirecting to

Maybe somebody has a better idea what to do with it. 😉


For anyone wondering, Mastodon got over 70K sign-ups yesterday alone. Let's keep the momentum going! The "public square" of the web must not belong to any one person or corporation!


Hey everybody! 👋

After having been on for six months without doing much over there, I needed to move because it shuts down.

New server, new energy, right? Let's see whether we can't build a cool #Java community here! Meanwhile, the project moved to ... and need an update pass.

Everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct! Thank you. is maintained by Sujitech, LLC.