✅ JUG Hannover revived
✅ Actually had a few people listening
✅ Had my company post about it

Made me really happy this week!! 🥳

#maven #java

@hjc @bondolo Netty was switched entirely to JUnit 5. We saw a big improvement to our build times from being able to easily run tests in parallel.

"ffmasm is an assembler for hand-assembling from Java." by Yasumasa Suenaga

5's tags spotted in the wild:


Oh, and also 's Foreign Function & Memory API from Project Panama and Project Jigsaw's Module descriptors.

A small optimization done by me in #Java 19 inside stream API. Many sources like Files.walk() or BufferedReader.lines() had extremely poor parallelization, so in many cases you would get no benefit making them .parallel(). Not anymore since Java 19.

Always coming back to this page to get some hacking/retro feelings. It takes the music from the

Since Twitter has become a complete dumpster fire, it's become clear I need to be elsewhere. This seems like a friendly and geeky Mastodon home.

Welcome (back) to JavaFX, @Oracle. After a (non-technical) silence of a few years, it's great to notice you speak again about one of the jewels of #Java.
The silence was a major mistake that did lots of damage, but @gluon and the JavaFX community handled it as good as possible.

(I qouted in the bird-site)

Ok that’s it for today…after walking the dog for some hours I’ve added sound to #spaceinvadersfx. And as always, creating the game was just for the fun of it… #javafx #java

I don’t understand why people think Mastodon is difficult. It seems pretty straightforward, and the separate servers are no biggie. I’m enjoying this fresh start here, like moving to a new apartment!

Coming soon: jtreg 7.1

This is a general heads-up that jtreg 7.1 is ready for use and that we should soon update to use it.

The latest early access release of Valhalla features, codenamed LW4, is published at:

This release is primarily focused on implementing the Value Objects JEP

#OpenJDK #Java #ProjectValhalla

When do you move on to a newer version?

Find Java's past and future releases from 1995 to 2024 at

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@junit moves on by no longer testing JUnit builds on 18

Test early, test often!

Yes, base target release is still Java 8.

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