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do ya ever just wake up one day and have BIGG tiddy

Yall think mirrors are bad but seeing and hearing yourself on a video chat application is actually a form of torture banned in over 20 countries

The café? I can't, I'm on tea-blockers

Just asked my phone to "scream at me when the clock chimes noon" and it actually understood that and set an alarm like I wanted

*I walk into the gender clinic* good day, doctors, I've heard this is where you inject me with gay chemicals to make me grow cat ears?

This year has been the guest rapper interlude in the pop song of my life

Do I buy a capture card so I can start streaming and complete my transformation into a proper e-thot


I say desu you say nya:

Okay but water tastes different when you drink it from a mug. My friends are gaslighting me into their "water tastes the same no matter the container" worldview but I will not fall prey to their lies.

what idiot called it trans-masc hrt and not code injection to perform privilege escalation

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No, I have not read the magna carta. I’ve only just finished the anime carta.

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“As you can see you’re all handcuffed to your chairs, you each have a hacksaw, the first one to saw off your own hand gets to know the gender of the baby”


*they all start frantically sawing*

tfw you feel bad because you're feeling bad and that's bad so you feel worse

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mall santa: "what would you like for christmas?"
me: BIGg Tiddy,,

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