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Turns out getting harassed on the street is, actually, not a very fun experience

I keep seeing these very official protest signs, and yet – it persists.

My phone is gaslighting me. It'll show I have a notification in the top bar but then when I swipe down to see it there's nothing.

Drinking nine shots of soy sauce per day will turn you into a homosexual, experts say

bethesda stans: don't worry!!!!!!!! modders will fix it!!!!!!!!

modders: what if........ tiddy big........

if I drink one (1) pint of Dope-amine will I animorph into a Stacy and start liking ugg boots

Catch me drowning myself in the gay bath house

i may not be a manic pixie dream girl but i got the first and last part down pretty well

python libraries as anime girls

requests is a snake girl
Any word ending in -bian is now a Debian fork

Enbies can't use computers because they're non-binary

I want a hot grocery store cachier boy to gently whisper "do you have a rewards card" into my ear

Spawning JVM: 100ms
Printing to stdout: 90ms
Running Actual Program: 45ms
Garbage Collection: 2000ms
Someone who is good at performance please help me, my computer is dying

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