Fuck every website that autoplays a video (especially when my volume is happens to be up).

@snwh yeah which is why I don't get why they complain about flash and ad blockers. When they stop treating users as adversaries we can stop treating them as a threat.

@ohyran users are being treated as commodities and not as consumers. Many publications have sacrificed our privacy and experiences for clicks and ad revenue.

@snwh i agree i see that relationship as openly adverserial since most users (if not all) do not wish to be treated as commodities.
at the same time that mindset is easily spread like in "how many users searched for our distro on distrowatch" it has the same base idea I feel

@bashfulrobot I know, but the issue of bad user experience still stands.

@snwh Absolutely zero debate there. Just making the best of a bad situation.

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