I said I would have a go at designing icons for Mastodon, so here's a mockup with them integrated 🙂raw.githubusercontent.com/snwh

@Gargron I went about making some custom icons to show you what I meant by "tailored icons". 🙂

@snwh Oh, no, it worked, I just didn't know to click on it (upcoming version of Masto alleviates that with a special reply icon btw)

@Gargron oh, haha. I look forward to it. Anyway, in the mock-up, I designed some icons to be less reliant on Twitter's design language (like the change to the boost icon) and to fit within their displayed size for clarity.

@snwh @Gargron but the logout & boost icons looks the same in the mock up. don't you guys think it may cause some confusion?

@rcmainak @Gargron I'd likely change it to a more conventional icon if implemented, permit me some whimsy in my mock-up. ;)

@snwh @Gargron hehe, just wanted to help out. I'm neither a designer nor familiar ruby.

@snwh Looks good overall, but why do the boost and logout icons look so similar when they do something completely different?

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