The flagship instance seems to be open to new accounts again, so I'm moving there. :)

@Gargron I went about making some custom icons to show you what I meant by "tailored icons". 🙂

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I said I would have a go at designing icons for Mastodon, so here's a mockup with them integrated 🙂

The fact that it take so long for Windows (and macOS) to perform OS updates always keeps me confident in my choice in Linux as my main OS (among other reasons).

My open heart surgery went well during the Windows 10 update but now I'm going to go recover and wait for it to finish updating.

Fuck every website that autoplays a video (especially when my volume is happens to be up).

Mainly because there's some vague icon choices and some Font Awesome icons are less than perfect.

I wanna design a set of icons for Mastodon; as nice as Font Awesome is (it does well as a placeholder) nothing is better than tailored icons. I wonder if @Gargron would be open to that. 🙂

Am I the only to notice a slowing of performance here on

I need to learn Chinese and Japanese it seems to fully experience all the timelines.

It's interesting how multilingual the federated/local timelines are. Which isn't statistically surprising.

I think people like this service because there's little to no news on it. No constant stream of reminders of the global state of things.

The 200k milestone for Mastodon users is worth noting, but let's consider that due to the distributed nature of this I could have an account on multiple instances. I'm more curious how many active users there are.

I wrote a content warning, you won't believe what happens next! 

Made you look

:trumpet: is not what I think of when I toot.

Can't fool me with your :white_check_mark: s

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