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Continuing to play with MidJourney & Twine Chapbook in a memory project.

Currently building next expansion from stories & memories shared

this is amazing - so glad to see Jeff Barnaby remembered in this way

'Last week, Netflix and imagineNATIVE announced the Jeff Barnaby Grant in honour of his contributions to Indigenous narrative sovereignty, genre film, and Canadian cinema.

Five Indigenous film and television creatives across Canada with productions at any stage in the horror, thriller and futurism genre will each receive $25,000 to support their projects.'

Does anyone know current numbers of users? accounts? # of images generated?

trying to find stats on how big & how rapid the growth.

Hey Philly folks --- SEPTA is doing a pilot of a system supposedly uses "AI" to call the cops when the "AI" detects a gun.

This is terrifying. What kind of civil oversight do you all have going on out there?


This text-game template is perfect & adaptable - I switched out to

"You are a text-based video game where you give me options (A, B, C, and D) as my choices. The setting is Middle-Earth. I start out with 100 health."

Fought orcs in Mirkwood, now dodging bandits on the plains of Rohan..

so interesting ..

"What would it look like to “solve” value pluralism?

I am thinking about that these days, and I don’t have clear-cut answers. I don’t know what “solving” should look like, but what I mean to say for the purpose of this conversation is that A.I. should respect value pluralism and the diversity of people’s values, as opposed to enforcing some normalized moral framework onto everybody.

Stumbled on this article on the Superheroes of Kinshasha.

These images are extraordinary.

"Photographer Stephan Gladieu has crisscrossed the streets of the Congolese capital for several months, immortalizing the fight of the collective “Ndaku ya la vie est belle.” These abandoned artists have transformed into superheroes to denounce the ecological disaster of their country."


Ontario reported #covid deaths. 2022 has already exceeded the 2020 and 2021 levels.

Photographer loses case as Luxembourg court rules “not #copyright infringement” - quite right; art is always building on what came before. this is a compliment, and great free publicity for the photographer...

Friends, every year Laura Hartmann-Villalta and I compile a list of literary studies books and articles by contingent/NTT scholars for Contingent Magazine—and now the 2022 list is a thing in the world! Please share this broadly, buy these books (or ask your library to buy), and read and engage with this work!

I'm watching the Senate hearing on / with now CEO Ray on what he found.

It's 100% worth watching for the shock registering on listeners faces

Pieces of paper noting loans in SBF's writing, SBF as issuer & as recipient & no other details

Billion $ corporation using QuickBooks for accounting..

"Lensa’s fetish for Asian women is so strong that I got female nudes and sexualized poses even when I directed the app to generate avatars of me as a male."

Brilliant story from Melissa Heikkilä at Technology Review about how portrait-making AI Lensa -- which uses stable diffusion -- created sexualized drawings when prompted with photos of the author, who is an Asian woman.

“In rematriation, you use the laws of the source nation. It says, ‘It's the source nation's call.‘“— Robin Gray, Assist Prof

"Robin Gray, U of T Mississauga's first-ever Indigenous rematriation adviser seeks rightful owners of 40,000-artifact collection"

ions to Profs Alex Gillespie (UofT) & Suzanne Conklin Akbari (Princeton)!!

"U of T is launching a collaborative and interdisciplinary project entitled Hidden Stories: New Approaches to the Local and Global History of the Book, funded by the Mellon Foundation. The Mellon Foundation has given a $2.69 million grant for the next four years..."

Heads up #dataviz fans

Check out the

Information is Beautiful Awards

Some gorgeous examples curated from health, science, arts, business, sports and current affairs.

Curated by the Data Visualization Society


HT @moritz


Mainstream media also has a huge surveillance problem. A 2016 Princeton University study concluded that “news sites have the most trackers” webtransparency.cs.princeton.e

"WORLDING illustrates the emergence of an entirely new field that fuses urban planning, climate science, real-time 3D engines, nonfiction storytelling, and speculative fiction,” says Katerina Cizek, lead designer of the workshop at Co-Creation Studio, MIT Open Documentary Lab."

"Using game engines and “twins” to co-create stories of climate futures
Inaugural WORLDING workshops matched world-class climate story teams with relevant labs and researchers across MIT."

I notice this happening on multiple social media sites, and it always contributes to the death of social networks:

1. Progressives tend to be early adopters because they usually create culture
2. Reactionaries tend to be late adopters because they usually consume culture
3. Reactionaries then try to seize power because the culture isn't to their liking
4. Progressives leave because they want to create culture
5. Then reactionaries leave because no culture is being created

Ex: see screenshot.

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