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So it appears - from observation - that the modern trend in festival camping these days is to pump up your air bed at the car and then carry it the half mile to the camping place pumped up and then squeeze it through your tent door. Because that’s obviously easier than pumping your air bed up in your tent with a foot pump.

Theresa May’s final major speech as prime minister is on right now. She saying some fine things. Had she made this speech at the beginning of her premiership - and actually followed through on the fine things she’s saying - perhaps we wouldn’t be in the shitshow she’s leaving to Boris.

I know I don’t particularly follow the mass market end of popular music, but I’ve literally never even heard even a clip of this song before today.

Normally I dislike the tendency amongst political commentators to declare folks from the other mainstream party as somehow intrinsically bad people simply for their support for or membership of said party, but I think this vote says a lot about the level of moral fibre in the diet of USA Republicans these days.

You know how most of the last three years makes one totally ashamed to be British? Read this.

Today’s Justin’s House repeat is the one where they try to become astronauts. If tomorrow’s episode doesn’t end with the Zooming To The Moon Song something will be very wrong.

Seaside towns: ‘please don’t pollute our beaches with your single use plastic bottles’. Also seaside towns:

The Lady Cassandra has really let herself go, donchathink?

With Peter today being two teeth lighter and me being £475 lighter (because dental work is rarely covered by pet insurance), there has never been a better time to take out a subscription to some curious and diverse electronic music. thewintervalconspiracy.bandcam

@NetworkRailBHM New Street Station - four years old and crumbling to dust. No wonder the lead architect on the project walked.

The story here is not that Brexit is being used as an excuse for a reduction in foreign language learning in schools - it’s that British people really are a bunch of ignorant arses when it comes to respect for other countries and their languages.

Presumably by doubling the price of Flickr Pro - a service which has limited purpose and value in the 2019 web landscape - Yahoo are deliberately encouraging their users to bale before they sunset it?

Watching the news coverage of the Hong Kong legislature storming, I’ve learned that to fashion an effective battering ram from items on the street all you need is to arrange three crash barriers in a triangle with another barrier flat on top, securely cable-tied together, and a point used as the business end. Which may be useful knowledge one day.

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It was certainly a defining moment of 20th century art. Up there with Duchamp's urinal.

The most important piece of music ever written was John Cage’s 4’33” - discuss.

An unexpected remaining in Birmingham this weekend rather than the planned being in Southport, and I turn Glastonbury on on the telly. Seems to be guitars, guitars, a few more guitars, with some guitars just in case anybody was feeling there aren’t enough guitars.

I get why BBC News is outraged that of the 5,630 restaurants, cafés, and takeaways which have got 0 or 1 hygiene ratings it found 425 of them on takeaway delivery apps. What I don’t get is why they’re not more outraged that 5,630 such restaurants are trading at all. It’s almost as if it’s the ordering platform they’re targeting rather than the poor hygiene practices.

When William Windsor said ‘I’d be OK for one of my children to be LGBT+ but I’d worry about the pressure on them’, perhaps he intended to say ‘Of course I’d be happy about it and I’d welcome the possibility that they might become role models and beacons of hope for other LGBT+ youth’? Or perhaps he didn’t.

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