It’s always funny when nationalists fly their Union Jacks upside down

Apple, your products are clearly superior to the Windows alternatives in almost[*] every way, but srsly, how long is it since you made a keyboard with the weird railway junction symbol on it?

[*] Finder is shit compared with Windows Explorer. And for a platform built on media production, Photos is also shit.

Oh well if Rafael Nadal checks his tyre pressures regularly I’ll definitely move that pre-flight check task further up my priority list before embarking on a motor vehicle journey. Winner of 17 Grand Slam titles has definitely sealed the road safety message for me.

It’s great though isn’t it that they’ve replaced the plastic straw with a paper straw. Real environmentally conscious.

Today I replaced the lost rubber feet (essential to its functioning) of the Apple Magic Trackpad with a pair of yellow split peas. What high tech equipment have you repaired with dried vegetables recently?

Seaside towns: ‘please don’t pollute our beaches with your single use plastic bottles’. Also seaside towns:

The Lady Cassandra has really let herself go, donchathink?

@NetworkRailBHM New Street Station - four years old and crumbling to dust. No wonder the lead architect on the project walked.

If you’re ever using Bing maps for navigation, be aware they’ve moved the National Exhibition Centre to Earlswood Lakes.

In another example of Biggleton actually being Royston Veysey, I'd never noticed before the zebra crossing into the roundabout zoo.

I'm compelled to read this in a Welsh accent, starting it with 'to begin, at the beginning'.

Here's the @DailyMirror running a story about Georgia Moffett's son being in an episode of Casualty all the way through referring to him as David Tennant's (adopted) son.

I like a bit of Doostep but those deep analogue bass wobbles don't really translate well into political discourse.

The thing about using PVA glue in place of milk in food photography is you're supposed to make it look like milk, not like PVA glue.

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