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The Google Graveyard, a list of products / projects Google killed off:

It’s always funny when nationalists fly their Union Jacks upside down

Happy International Food Waste Day and International Cultural Appropriation Day, To All Those Who Celebrate Them

Just bought part one of the emergency food stockpile. Anybody looking at my shopping basket will have thought I was a first year student just arrived for their first week at college.

‪This is what the patriarchy will do to wriggle our of equal pay.‬

‪The painting on tonight’s is definitely one that I’d flog even if it turns out to be worth a tenner, never mind £50,000.‬

Apple, your products are clearly superior to the Windows alternatives in almost[*] every way, but srsly, how long is it since you made a keyboard with the weird railway junction symbol on it?

[*] Finder is shit compared with Windows Explorer. And for a platform built on media production, Photos is also shit.

Oh well if Rafael Nadal checks his tyre pressures regularly I’ll definitely move that pre-flight check task further up my priority list before embarking on a motor vehicle journey. Winner of 17 Grand Slam titles has definitely sealed the road safety message for me.

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Does anyone know of a (curated) list of URLs of public EFA APIs (public transport)?

Do you know one for your own city maybe?

Please send them my way, I'm collecting them for an open-source project that lets you query public transport stops, timetables & routes:

#opendata #boostme

You know I really don’t like lavender, don’t you? But, the bees. Here’s a relaxing 10 minutes amongst the bees in the lavender bush in our front garden.

It’s great though isn’t it that they’ve replaced the plastic straw with a paper straw. Real environmentally conscious.

Ouch - get your iPhones and your iPads updated as soon as you can, people.

Today I replaced the lost rubber feet (essential to its functioning) of the Apple Magic Trackpad with a pair of yellow split peas. What high tech equipment have you repaired with dried vegetables recently?

Well at least Chris Grayling is no longer in the cabinet, we can be thankful for one thing.

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