My presentation about #framasoft to inspire the freshly started Danish initiative on free software (at PROSA København):…
The main outcome: we need to find aspects that make people interested, in a country that does not value e.g. privacy, security, and price as high than e.g. France or Germany. Green transition? Other ethical values? Ideas welcome
Thanks to @pyg for the help!

@alkarex @Framasoft for people less interested in privacy, FOSS can be presented as a solution to several issues (GAFAM-related):
- ethical questions about the algorithms (information bubble, "who knows, who decides, who decides who decides", Zubof)
- political questions: use of these tools to manipulate opinion, and the political influence of the firms themselves
- ecological questions, as these firms desire growth and ads, they are one of the main drivers of our environmental impact now

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