I think it's important to understand that a large amount of people use the favourite button basically as a "like" button to give positive feedback to the person posting, which is not the same thing as wanting to save something to find later, which I personally would do for far fewer posts than I fave

BREAKING: a federal judge has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelers’ cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices when we cross the U.S. border are unconstitutional.

This is an enormous victory for privacy. eff.org/press/releases/federal

Anyone here into automating food production? I just finished up a practical 3D printed prototype of a mediumless microgreen grow bed. It’s all open source and up at bit.ly/2qMu6OM and I could use help. I am getting ready to scale things up. #automation #farming #gardeing

📎 « Chez Framasoft, nous souhaitons recenser les différent⋅es acteurs et actrices ayant des pratiques d’accompagnement au numérique libre. Pour cela, nous vous invitons à répondre à un petit questionnaire avant le 20 décembre 2019. »


#Framasoft #numérique #libre #questionnaire

people come to the fediverse fleeing the speech-restricted fascist Indian state.

the safety of these individuals are in our hands as fediverse developers.

and yet today, we have the same old broken thinking of building systems that have no adversarial element to their design.

what is it going to take to get people to start taking security seriously? will somebody have to be killed by the state? nobody took me seriously when I said that people use the tools they know to work around oppression, not the tools with the best design. they found it laughable!

but here we go, it is happening. we are here, those oppressed by the state are here, and soon the state will be here. what happens next?

when somebody disappears because they put their faith in the security model we have built and it fails them (which will happen, get ready for it) will we laugh at these people for using our platform or will we actually fix things?

what is it going to take to fundamentally shift the mindset towards a security-first mantra?

Tech gromble 

This article about Google's project to store and analyze millions of Americans' health care data confirms my suspicions about the Fitbit acquisition.

Many people who don't care about mass data collection because "I've got nothing to hide" change their tune when it's health care data. #privacy


can anyone recommend a good historical overview of trade guilds / associations throughout #history?

boost appreciated -- because I know there has to be more than one person on here who has or does nerd out on such a topic.

I would like to nerd out with you (though I currently know little to nothing on the subject!)

One popular way of becoming an open-source software developer is just _using_ open source software and getting so annoyed at the bugs and missing features that you're willing to make the system better yourself.

I'm currently looking for a decentralized alternative to FB for a huge group (10K+ people but only a fraction would move), preferentially on a platform that supports such as or

Do you know instances that might be able to support that additional load? They look generally much smaller than mastodon instances...
Or do you have other recommendations?

I know of course that the best would be to host an instance but I don't think I can do that right now...

"Privacy isn't about hiding bad things, but about protecting what defines us as human beings, who we are. Our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities."

-- The Tor Project

so, basically the first generation of internet/linux/web devs are kind of the boomers of the tech we have now. we are going to be asked soon where we've put everybody's privacy & civil liberty & why on earth we've put our intelligence into those large destructive companies. 1/2

If you’re new to Mastodon, write a post and tag it #introduction. Add some more hashtags indicating your interest and post it. Then got to the context menu and pin it to your profile. Click on the hashtags and find other people, new people, welcome them and spread the news. In the beginning, hashtags are an important way of finding people to connect to.

Ma lampe de #vélo #btwin a rendu l'âme :(
Quelqu'un saurait réparer ce genre de machin électronique ?

#question #repair

Hey, #PeerTube creators! I've been thinking about the Content Discovery problem for a while now, and I've been musing on ways to address it.

One aspect that has struck me is that, despite an abundance of instances, there doesn't seem to be much of a user community producing original content to engage with. The other side of this issue is that it's difficult for viewers to find channels to follow.

If we put together a survey / census of creators, and listed their associated channels in a public directory for people to follow, would that be something you'd like to take part in?

I randomly stumbled on this morning and I was wondering what it was, anybody could give me a gist?
I get that you can use it for groups and managing your identities, but why would you want to gather everything at the same place and more importantly... what's their business model?

World Scientists’ Warning of a #ClimateEmergency

Exactly 40 years ago, scientists from 50 nations met at the First World Climate Conference (Geneva 1979) and agreed that alarming trends for #ClimateChange made it urgently necessary to #act. Since then, similar alarms have been made (1992 Rio Summit, 1997 Kyoto Protocol, 2015 Paris Agreement).
Yet #GreenhouseGas (GHG) emissions are still rapidly rising, with increasingly #damaging effects on the #Earth's #climate.


Started training a bot that tries to analyze and identify hate-speech on Twitter.

A few things became quite apparent after only a few days:

1. There are huge networks of (seemingly) fake accounts that like and retweet each other's posts. Someone is operating this at a _massive_ scale.

2. Reporting and banning fake accounts seems futile. You're fighting a hydra that spawns new accounts quicker than one can report them.

3. I'm feeling sick to my stomach just browsing through the logs.

RT @ZLabe
#Arctic air temperature rank by month over the satellite era - now updated through October 2019...

+ Ranks: 1=warmest (red), 41=coldest (blue)
+ Download visual: sites.uci.edu/zlabe/arctic-tem

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