"Here’s how you can fight back against Google AMP" ✊ as a web user and a web developer

ISP's infrastructure ends where #RouterFreedom begins!

After having successfully fought for router freedom in Germany, the #FSFE now protects users' control of technology on #European level.


Support us with your donation now to help getting things right in 2020:

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Pour celleux qui peuvent, y'a une caisse de solidarité interprofessionnel ici, il ont besoin de nous pour continuer la grève (on est déjà à 500k)

Si vous voulez en parler autour de vous, y'a greve.cool pour comprendre mieux

Si vous êtes plutôt stream rigolo et posé twitch.tv/recondustream

(Vu que repouetter ça passe souvent aux oubliettes de mon côté, je paraphrase en plus)

"Everyone who supports, promotes, or otherwise tacitly consents to, proprietary walled gardens such as Apple, Google, Microsoft etc, are contributing to the evident and abundant compromise of our basic human rights."

Wed, 04 Dec 2019 01:26:18 +0100

"These owners can choose to share some, all, or none of their footage with police; police do not need a warrant in order to request camera footage from residents....when camera owners are "uncooperative or unavailable," officers are instructed to contact Ring and request that the captured video be preserved." #privacy


I did a detailed privacy check of the Tiktok app and website. You can read my article æt Süddeutsche Zeitung. Tiktok commits multiple breaches of law, trust, transparency and data protection. Here are the technical and legal details
Long thread⤵️

Today is #GivingTuesday. Help your favorite Free and Open Source projects by donating helping out.


For example, the Fediverse makes social media free, federated and fun.


Help, donate and use Mastodon, Friendica, or the newcomer Pixelfed, the Free and Open Source social platform for sharing your photos. #GivingTuesday


I'd really be interested to see more of this type of anti-surveillance design. Anyone in the #fediverse or #beyond have any examples?

"How designers are fighting the rise of facial recognition technology

From LED-equipped visors to transparent masks, these inventions aim to thwart facial recognition cameras."


Protonmail, an end-to-end encrypted, privacy and security conscious email service, is extending its Black Friday premium offer through December 8.

I've been a very satisfied (and nonpremium) user for the past several years. 10:10 would recommend as an alternative to the non-encrypted, surveillance-capitalism alternatives.

If you can pay, you help support those who cannot.


Parlons éthique #1 : La cryptomonnaie et ses enjeux

Compte-rendu du débat du 13 novembre avec les contributeurs de la Monnaie Libre #ğ1


Available in English thanks to our translators Pohl and therbret 🇬🇧

aaah une bonne idée cette extension, dommage que ça ne marche pas trop bien pour l’instant mais ça va peut-être s’améliorer


Did you know, you can narrow down the suggestions from the firefox address bar using the following characters :

^ to search for matches in your browsing history.
* to search for matches in your bookmarks.
+ to search for matches in pages you’ve tagged.
% to search for matches in your currently open tabs.
# to search for matches in page titles.
$ to search for matches in web addresses (URLs).
? to search for matches in suggestions.

Take action to save .org and prosecute those who sold out the internet


Resist buying stuff you don't need on #blackfriday. If you must buy, buy used stuff. Even better is to repair what you already have #rightorepair.

Antidote for Black Friday. Advertising shits in your head. peertube.mastodon.host/videos/

(I forgot to mention they're both @mozilla #Firefox add-ons. I'd definitely recommend #NoScript, which makes it easy to greylist/whitelist specific domains.

Hello everyone,

As you know, I'm a moderator for this instance. Thus, I moderate.

Recently, a lot of people from India signed up on this instance.

Some trolls came too, and are being reported for toots that I have a lot of trouble understanding, as I'm not Indian, and they seem to be tied to local politics.

Could someone could crash-course me on the current politic' situation in india and cast issues...

I would like to be comprehensive, but I need to be educated for that :blobcatcoffee:

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