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🚫no talk of 2016 election
🚫no 12 follower Nazi trolls
🚫no DSA slapfights
🚫no rolling hellthread drama
🚫no whims of The Algorithm

✅all your banned faves!
✅pleasant *b'bloop* sound!
✅toot puns!
✅i say again: TOOT PUNS!
✅gentle sandalwood aroma!
✅your old jokes? new again!
✅you look thinner here!
✅have you been working out?

i know the lack of nazis is one of the primary draws of this site but i'm really gonna miss obnoxious blue checkmark thinkpiece writers. twitter is the only site where you can send megaman hentai to jonathan chait AND have a real chance of him seeing it

no idea how much i'll use this, due to my OCD my habits are very deeply ingrained + hard to break. but the bird website and their fascist mods can eat my entire ass

that foolish imp Jack thinks he can limit my power by exiling me from his site. what he doesn't know is that by forcing me to move to a site with a 500 character limit, i ressurect many more time with much more strangth

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