My guess is that a lot of folks are making accounts, but aren't fully brought in, not really. They're waiting to see if twitter truly does burn down in six months. I can't imagine someone with a 10k, 20k etc following will just walk away from that and start afresh.

What will create a genuine conversion of folks onto Mastoden? Why hasn't it happened sooner? Got to be some key components that its not great at. Anyone got thoughts?

Out here supporting my locals’ shop Harper Collins Union, a part of my local UAW 2110, who’s on Day Seven of their strike for a fair contract from HarperCollins Publishing

Proud for @transportationalternatives to be in coalition with Riders Alliance and this powerhouse of elected officials to call for on buses and subways! This is a critical piece in addressing transit equity and something that is easily within our reach as a city. Let's get it! ✊🏾

So this is where we are living now? I'm not quite convinced yet lol

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