Hi look it's my fundraiser again. It's at around 1/3 full. I'd be more likable if I could but we're all just gonna have to work with what we've got. gofundme.com/help-me-wrap-up-m

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Don't trust anyone who says they're apolitical 

Someone with "apolitical account" in their bio that's all about the frozen peaches and pretending white supremacy doesn't real.

"Apolitical" is a funny way to spell "fascist"

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Mastodon.social: "lmao nice there's no anime on masto"


how did you all get on .social? they were full when I joined

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boost riley is another option. it even uses the same letters, just putting it out there :bloblul: :bloblul: :blobnomouth: :bloblul: :blobnomouth: :bloblul:

even if we all go back to the birb site next week I'm gonna still call it boosting and tooting. it will be my brand

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I'm greatly enjoying seeing what my friends post, in order, rather than a weird time shifted Quentin Tarantino edit with random advertising mixed in

can someone explain the federation tl and why I have the urge to buy micromachines

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