anybody going out to work this morning, don't forget the plan for our peaceful revolution: to gradually extend our toilet breaks until capitalism is no longer sustainable. today's target: 17 minutes. good luck out there

@shaggyringtones I am very small & have a very small bladder so this is achievable

@leszy the first change we make will be to end bladder size discrimination

@shaggyringtones a true comrade never says "omg but you barely even started your beer, how can you need to pee already"

@leszy 'why can't you just carry litres of pee around in a sort of rubbery bag for hours at a time like a normal person'


fun fact: ur bladder is made of things called umbrella cells bc they s t r e t c h

@scribblefrog @shaggyringtones that's v interesting but also what kind of umbrellas do you guys have cause mine doesn't stretch


when u put ur umbrella up it gets bigger!!! S T R E T C H Y B O I

@shaggyringtones i do 20 minute toilet breaks every morning & i'm eagerly awaiting the day someone calls me on it so i can give them a huge TMI

@shaggyringtones As a person often wandering around the building looking for the free toilet, I have a strong message: I'd take capitalism over shitting my pants any day.

@deafboy socialism: a fresh, sanitary, well maintained toilet cubicle

capitalism: shitting in a hole underneath your desk so you dont have to stop processing shipping container barcodes. paying out of your own pocket to have the shit removed every month

@shaggyringtones It was just a joke, but since you seriously want to discuss socialism, let's go for it.

After all, 2 days ago it has been exactly 50 years since the soviet army came to Czechoslovakia based on the invitation of the local communist party and fucked up the economy for years to come.

People mean so many different things when they say socialism from "one party dictatorship" to "workers owning the means of production".

What do you personally mean when you say socialism?

@deafboy mine was also a joke, but sure

I mean a lot less than most of the recent twitter invaders do when they say socialism.
i'm from the uk and want to see strong public services full of staff being paid what they deserve, support good quality healthcare as a fundamental right, a total end to homelessness... but it's vital that it's all achieved democratically.

i think vast wage inequality undermines democracy by concentrating power away from elected officials and that needs addressing.

@shaggyringtones Thanks for your answer. Based on what you say I wouldn't describe you as a socialist. More like a strong state supporter.

State sponsored services as a result of democratic process are fine by me under the one condition. The participation has to be voluntary. Otherwise who really owns your body and mind? You, or the government?

@secondary_world working up to the point where the duration of the toilet break matches that of the work day, or as i like to call it, 'the singularity'

@secondary_world imagine the amount of diapers they'd go through in a communist revolution

all you'd really need to do first is seize the means of production of adult diapers and you could fund the entire effort through the ironic use of aggressive capitalism

@shaggyringtones take unauthorized mental breaks to day dream about the future and plot for uprisings.

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