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You can now verify your Mastodon profile using any Songfish account, including sites from Umphreys, Goose, Neighbor, Eggy, Bearly Dead, Tand, Slightly Stoopid and several more. Here's how, a thread.

I just released Songfish v7.50 which allows you to verify your Mastodon profile using *any* Songfish site, including El Goose, All Things Umphreys, and more! Instructions forthcoming!

@siracusa Before you get too invested, I bet @marcoarment could spin up something like pretty quickly. There are very simple instructions on

Learned my lesson the first time around. Paying for this thing now before someone else is paying for it:

Once you get it, there's almost a sense of, "Oh, why haven't we been doing social media this way the whole time?"

You can almost even sense some more technically-minded comms departments starting to say, Wait, we can more tightly control our brand's presence on social media by starting our own instance, and anybody can follow us there?

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One of the coolest parts of Mastodon is that you can't easily see the number of "Favorites" someone else's post has. Why is this great? We should judge content on how much it matters to ourselves, not to strangers and bots. Mastodon works against ego and fame. The only real way to gain reach outsides of your followers is for them to "boost" your post. Frankly, I think it's why people with a big following on other socials might be reluctant to invest here. It's harder to go "viral" here.

Phil Schiller, a top Apple exec, has deactivated his Twitter account. A reaction to Trump reinstatement? Part of the ? Regardless, it's one more reason more and more of my time is here on .

Mastodon is perfect for GenX because we’re all just roaming from house to house totally unsupervised and unless something goes really wrong nobody cares #GenX

Please note that you need the https:// in front of but Mastodon tried to be smart and remove it.

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In a few minutes, your profile should have a green background, indicating your account has been "verified."

This is a very new feature - it may take some time for the verification. After a half hour or so, you can re-save your Mastodon profile to force it to recheck your profile. I hope this helps!

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1. Go to and go to your Account > Settings page.
2. In the Mastodon section, click "Update"
3. Enter your username, e.g. "sethadam1"
4. Enter your server/instance, which is likely "" (but doesn't have to be!)
5. Click save. It will take a few minutes to update.
6. Go to your Mastodon profile.
7. Under Profile Metadata, enter "" as the Label and<username> as the Content.
8. Click Save Changes.


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If you want to "verify" your profile, you can use your @phishnet account to do it. Here's how:


Some things to do if you're new here: change your profile picture, update your Twitter bio to include your Mastodon handle, use Fedified to find follows, follow @FediFollows and @feditips, verify your account, create an post. - Looks like you're connected and it works! Welcome to the Fediverse!

My favorite soap opera is Twitter. I'm addicted to the absolute mess Elon has made.

@JoeRess There are Finder replacements on macOS. Forklift - ; CommanderOne - ; and PathFinder - ; are three good ones.

The M2 is so good and so fast. Personally, I use Linux all day every day on servers, but I still use macOS as my daily driver on desktop because it's just so easy, so fast, and, oh yeah, the browser launches immediately.

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