You can now verify your Mastodon profile using any Songfish account, including sites from Umphreys, Goose, Neighbor, Eggy, Bearly Dead, Tand, Slightly Stoopid and several more. Here's how, a thread.

Click on your name, then Preferences. For this example, we'll be using "All Things Umphreys" as a demo.

Scroll down and look for the Mastodon section. Click "Update Mastodon Profile"

Fill in your username and your server name/instance. It might be or or Just use the name, no protocol.

Once it's saved, you should be able to use the instructions on the same page to update your Mastodon account.

It may not show as verified immediately. But it will eventually. My understanding is that if you go back to your profile as click "Save Changes" again later, it will attempt to check it again. But don't go click crazy. It'll eventually work if you do it right. /thread

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