A few notes for new Mastodon users, a thread: I had a bunch of Twitter users reach out and ask questions. First off - Mastodon is not Twitter. It's not trying to be Twitter. It's better in some ways, it's arguably worse in others. It's not a 1:1 replacement because it's not trying to be. There's a learning curve, for some, it's steep. Mastodon is way more flexible, but also more complicated. It's not just open-source Twitter. 1/

Second, some of the things we like about Twtr are only possible because you have to bow to one master. Part of the benefit of Mastodon is that it's decentralized, that means you need to choose a home server... just like email. You have a username and a domain. Discovery is different. 2/

Third, yes, you CAN move from one Mastodon account to another, and preserve followers and "toots." If you get it wrong, no worries. Fourth, the early days of Twitter were a shitshow. Fail whales. Slow page loads. No direct messages, no hashtags. It was a mess. Mastodon has had a huge influx of users. Most servers/hosts weren't prepared. It's not perfect. But it's still early days and it's getting better FAST. 3/

Over the last few days, some servers have been especially slow - finding people is tough, timelines have been unpredictable, app notifications are delayed or repeated. Admins are dealing with literally tens of thousands of new users, instances built for 20-50 concurrent users are now hosting hundreds. We have to give it some time. We'll get there. 4/

Finally, and arguably most importantly, I don't think anyone believes Twitter is about to "fail." I don't think Mastodon will "replace" it. But I think it's possible Twitter may slowly bring less and less joy to many as trolls, nazis, and hate speech is increasingly accepted. You can see the erosion already. The verification system has been completely coopted and what's less is a disaster. 5/

No one is suggesting you create a Mastodon account for when Twitter fails, but you might want one so that if/when Twitter is not as fun as it once was, you have an option, and there's already a community. And it's open source. And it's distributed. And no one person owns it. You're already here. Look around. Observe and learn. I'm going to do my best to make sure there's a space on Mastodon where I can discuss music, talk about technology, and find community. /thread

@sethadam1 Agree, and Thanks 😊
I'm new, but so far this is far better for relaxed human interaction, without the trolls. 👍👍👍

@sethadam1 Agree with all in this thread. I am still on twitter but am throughly enjoying Mastodon.

@sethadam1 Honestly, the changes made to Twitter’s algorithm and feed even before Elon, and the way people changed how they interacted there (basically no RTs), made it so boring and very difficult to connect with anyone. Maybe if I’d stayed on a career path more conducive to tweeting constantly, I would have adjusted. But leaving in 2013 and returning in 2020, I just couldn’t get into it - if that makes sense.

@heyitsmejenni Of course it does! Twitter is wonderful and a dumpster fire at the same time, but it's hard to watch the last two weeks and think literally ANY of the changes are going to do anything other than accelerate a move to irrelevancy and/or boring, unfollowable, disrespectful discourse.

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