RIP, good friend. 5+ years ago you were a good social network for the community.

You're in the queue, don't hang up. The ticket sale (only for season ticket holders) for the 's Prague vs FC match just started and I'm 4521th 😅

After 17 years I repurchased Mafia I. It was the first game I purchased. And I loved it. It now runs on with just a few clicks and it's something my home X220 can handle 😀

The quality sound over bluetooth was actually closer than I thought. Streaming music in to my Sony headphones right now. The sound quality improvement is enormous. 👌 If I'm not mistaken is also the first desktop system to support LDAC.

My immunity is not strong enough for two large conferences in Jan/Feb, I learned that lesson several times, and I prefer , so @fosdem just in home edition this year :)

Kalev Lember sorrounded by QA people after his talk on @gnome Software at .
FIY the conversation stays friendly 😀

We left the little one in the living room alone for a moment 🙈😄

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