A new season ticket/club card. Ready for the new season of . 💪✌️

Wanna attract 🦋 and 🐝 to your garden? Plant lavander. They love it. Not as much as colza lika Babiš would say, but still a lot.

Two insect homes installed to attract more bees, ladybugs etc. to the garden. Someone's gotta help me with the damn greenflies.

Working for has its benefits. Freedom to take home office is one of those I value the most. ☀ 🌸 ☕

New Workstation Beginner's Guides are finally printed and available. \o/ Kudos to everyone who contributed.

Several days ago I tooted that Desktop reached 400k installations on . And today the Telegram developer got an access to its repo and made it official. Great job, Jan Grulich, getting it this far 👍

I came to the office after a day off and something has changed... 🤔

So I also jumped on the train and purchased truly wireless headphones: @Samsung Galaxy Buds.
I've been pretty impressed so far, more on my blog soon.

RIP, good friend. 5+ years ago you were a good social network for the community.

You're in the queue, don't hang up. The ticket sale (only for season ticket holders) for the 's Prague vs FC match just started and I'm 4521th 😅

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