This feels satisfying after all the work. sells laptops with on their website. \o/
And as a bonus Fedora contributors get a sizable discount!

@sesivany I do wish it was Fedora Mate, as Gnome isn't the most accessible to the few blind Linux users who can bash their heads against Linux to reshape their minds into something that'll accept Linux's huge accessibility issues, but ah well. First steps I suppose.

@devinprater We know GNOME a11y is not good. Back in the GNOME 2 times Sun had several devs working just on it. Oracle fired them after the acquisition and there has been no one consistently working on it since then.
Recently we hired a blind developer to work on a11y, so things will hopefully improve.

@sesivany I definitely hope so. I love the concept of Gnome 3, the online accounts stuff, all that, but accessibility is my big thing. I mean, I just can't compromise on it.

While it would be great to have it set up to cater to ones specific needs the great thing here is that Lenovo makes sure that these machines work fully with Fedora.
Everyone benefits since Fedora doesn't include out of tree patches for the kernel and are rather strict (yes I know some other distros are even stricter) about things in the repos being FOSS.
So it essentially means that these machines can run pretty much any distribution as long as the kernel is fresh enough.


@qrsbrwn @sesivany This is true. And I *love* that Fedora often has up-to-date packages. Well, maybe not as up-to-date as Arch, but I definitely appreciate that Fedora doesn't treat just-released software like a beta or something. I mean, Pandoc is a great example. There's a new release every few months. Ubuntu? 2004 even? like 2.5 or so, can't check right now but definitely not near up to date.

Yeah, I'm just glad we get more machines running Linux straight off the bat. I would like to see more modest machines though.
My oldest kid is 8 so they're kinda expensive for a kid laptop.


@qrsbrwn @sesivany Oh but they have Chromebooks for that! /s Hmm, what about a Raspberry Pi 4 or something? Oh, right, laptop. Yeah, that is something.

He has a nice gaming computer already. It's probably more something I think he needs that he thinks he needs :)


@qrsbrwn @sesivany WSL? Or a VM then? SSH? Oh, well, maybe not introduce him to Linux with the command line, so maybe a VM then.

@sesivany I almost wish they would have used Silverblue because it drastically reduces the risk of updates.

But generally speaking even with updates on Fedora are rarely a problem. I'm running my system with daily automated updates enabled for years now I never run into any noteworthy issues.

I wonder if they will ship F33 eith btrfs. It's definitely something to watch out for now.

@sheogorath We have a positive feedback about Silverblue from hardware vendors and at some point Silverblue was considered, but Silverblue ecosystem and infrastructure is not yet ready for this.
But in the future? Definitely. Silveblue brings tangible advantanges for hardware vendors.

@sesivany I personal don't like Fedora but this is a good sign this Linux is mature for desktops.

@sesivany well both are IBM so 🙃
(nice to see though)

@charlag The ThinkPad business has not been part of IBM for the last 16 years. 😀
IBM didn't really participate in this.

@sesivany yeah but :
- it's only on select model, that's not what we ask,
- it's preinstalled, we never asked for it, all we want is to not have to pay for win when we don't want it. On any model.
- does it come with specs & schematics for driver writing & repair?

@sesivany looks like that's only on the US site for now.

and why only on the weakest configuration?

@robertgzr it's only default, you can spec it up to 4k display, 16 GB of RAM, 1TB of storage...

@sesivany ah I didn't get the customize buttons after switching to the us store. amazing :)

How noticable is that contributor discount? % or $ ?

@sesivany That's a nice thing for sure. I would rather see them using AMD CPU and GPU's but maybe that's just me...
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