I asked my wife to give me her laptop, so that I can upgrade it to 32. And she answered: don't bother, I've already done it. My mom told me the same. We've made it so simple that the family admin in me feels very unimportant now.

@sesivany That's one of the best reward! Congratulations on keeping up a good work!

@sesivany Man I wish my wife and mum would use Linux instead of Windows. I hate touching their laptops.

@sesivany I've had similar experiences, Fedora updates have gotten really good ❤️

I think the only remaining issue before Fedora really feels like a consumer product is Anaconda. I've had people I recommended it to tell me they ended up installing Ubuntu because the Fedora installer was too confusing. Any plans to redesign that?

@tbernard the problem with Anaconda is that it has to meet needs of both consumer users and enterprise customers. And in the end it doesn't serve well neither IMO.
We had ambitions to write our own simplified installer for Workstation, but the installer stuff, especially partitioning, isn't easy.
I agree it's the most off-putting thing on Workstation, we're at least trying to work with the Anaconda team to make it better.

@sesivany Partitioning is definitely not easy, but if at least the common cases (wipe disk, dual boot, etc) had a more streamlined flow, that would already help a lot.

@sesivany And of course it would also go a long way if the installer used the same UI patterns as the rest of the OS. That "done" button in the top left is so weird 🙈

@tbernard @sesivany Everyone has tried to address these issues with Anaconda before. 😔

Here was one of my attempts of a much simpler Anaconda (it had a bunch of compromises, but headed in that direction):

Many people have had a lot of the same thoughts over the years and have tried to do something about it too. Yet, here we are, with the same old Anaconda with the same old issues.

@garrett That would be a huge improvement, indeed!

Why didn't any of these efforts ever materialize?

@tbernard I even met with the Anaconda team in Brno in person about it, but it fizzled out after some team changes.

Bad timing, I guess?

@garrett @tbernard @sesivany Those mokups present a much easier to understand installer. Too bad it hasn't been implemented

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