I started using @nextcloud to replace . It has gone a long way since then. Now I can replace the whole Suite with it. Enabling office suite just takes a couple of clicks in NC18. 👌 👏

@erAck @nextcloud yeah, I wish I used LO Online, but the way it runs now it's complete overkill for my use. I don't wanna run a complex, resource-hungry service just to open a document from time to time.

@sesivany how are the upgrades of nextcloud? Issues or seamless?

@mirek Very seamless. They take a couple of minutes and things don't break at all. I just wait a couple of weeks after the release until all apps are verified as working with the newer version.


I came here to ask the same question. 🙂

I have one installation stuck on 16 because the two times I attempted an update to 17 it went completely tits up. Three more installations also on 16 because see above (if it goes well, fine, but I don't have the time now if I have to roll back).

OTOH, another installation did update to 17 with no issues. The difference being that it had started life at version 16, whereas the others have a much longer upgrade path (v8 or so).


@mirek @sesivany

I have found #Nextcloud a bit too careless about stability (we're talking core stuff, of course the more third party apps you have the more complex everything becomes) so I would not recommend it for anything critical at this time.

That said, if you do run it, make sure to take regular snapshots and have a well tested upgrade procedure, even for home use, ensuring that you can roll back easily if an upgrade fails, which they do from time to time

As a concept, it's great tho'

@0 @mirek @sesivany
It depends how you run it. If you use some Ubuntu-Server, Apache, SQLite, php-cgi or other wired Sofware you might run into stability problems.

We run large amounts of NC-Instances commercially on debian-Stable, Nginx and php-fpm. Barely ever happens that one of the upgrade-tests needs a manual intervention.

Compared to the problems we have with propriatary Software, this is nothing.

@nvi @0 @mirek I have a similar experience, just not on a large scale, just with my family instance. I've been running it on Fedora (Apache, PHP7, MariaDB) for almost 4 years and haven't run into any post-upgrade issues. All updates and upgrades have been surprisingly smooth and the only issue I hit was that some installed app hadn't updated to the latest version of Nextcloud.


Maybe I'm just unlucky or too picky, but much as I'd like to, there's no way I'd run #Nextcloud as mission critical software for the time being.

#OpenSUSE, #Nginx, #fpm, #MariaDB (which I'm not a big fan of).

@mirek @sesivany

@0 @mirek @sesivany
Thins break.

If a service is mission-critical, monitoring, automated integration testing, a failover and rollback-strategy and backups are as mandatory as redundant hardware no matter what software you run.


Yes of course, but that's incidental to the fact that when things break you're losing money (ignoring #SoL systems), so choosing a solution that is less liable to fail in the first place, or that has more benign failure modes is not an unimportant part of the equation.

The other important aspect is that of *subjective* confidence which because of various human factors considerations has disproportionate effects.

@mirek @sesivany

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