While visiting my mom I grabbed her laptop to upgrade the OS to @Fedora 31 just to find out, to my big surprise, she already did it by herself. And this is when we're reaching the "damn simple and reliable" mark, my friends. ✌

@sesivany I've been distrohopping for longer than I dare to admit, but fortunately I also decided to try #Fedora a few years ago. Perviously I thought #LinuxMint or #Manjaro would be the distributions I could recommend to most people, but I'm beginning to think that Fedora should be the one I install on everyone's computer.

@PunaisetPimpulat Fedora has a bit more steeper learning curve than Linux Mint because it doesn't include patented and closed source stuff, but once you learn to deal with it, it's a really solid distro and I've been installing it on computers of average users with very positive experience.

@sesivany If you are a happy owner of a laptop with #FOSS friendly hardware, the experience can be very smooth. However, #Broadcom wifi cards and #Nvidia #Optimus are the most common reasons why you need to read and tweak the system be before it's ready for normal daily use.

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