Additional info, #fedora in Facebook means a few hundreds of users, with an expected target of two thousands #flocktofedora

@jibec yeah, they said higher hundreds with an aspiration to get into thousands soon.

@sesivany I wonder if the decline of Ubuntu is due to the decline of their usage or due to less fingerprintable browser defaults.

Or to put it more direct: Is there any technical reason why a website should be aware of a fedora OS?

Originally we had this to make sure we can adjust responses to the client's OS, but that should no longer be required.

@sheogorath those are Facebook internal statistics. Among their employees, not users. No web browser recognition. They simply know what their employees have installed on their computers.

@omgubuntu just a note: those are Facebook employees, not Facebook users, but perhaps it's a start of a new trend 😉

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