I preferred UI to one. Meanwhile Twitter switched to the new, not so great web interface and I discovered a light, simplified variant of Mastodon. And that's my new favourite now.

@sesivany hm interesting how one would start to use it? (name/link?) thanks

@Pedro it's just settings. You can switch to the light theme in Settings and to get a simplified UI with one feed you need to click the settings icon on the Notification panel and choose "Unpin" at the bottom.

@sesivany I did it but in your screenshot one of the columns has wider with whereas on my case, even after upining stuff, I still get the same with for all 3 columns

@Pedro Try reloading the page by F5. It didn't change for me by itself either.

@sesivany weird it didn't work... but I went back having multiple panes anyway.


@Pedro Ah, I just found out what I forgot to mention. You have to uncheck "Enable advanced web interface" in Settings/Look.

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