So I upgraded my home laptop to Fedora Silverblue 30 and it was so quick and smooth that it felt like a daily update. 👌
Boring upgrades are good upgrades.

@sesivany Meanwhile, this happened: a good install of F30. Two days ago ran "dnf update" - > lots of conflicts, update fails. Some idiot renamed "yum-utils" into "dnf-utils" in the middle of release. The biggest problem of Fedora in this regard is that we have elaborate RPM induction procedure with a rigorous review, and once the RPM is in, anyone can deal it any breakage any time. Like, in the middle of release! Remember texinfo? A guy in Brno is given a package, and then does not give two flips about its quality or usability, just minimizing his own effort. Result is, an upgrade to F30 is amazing, astonishing (especially for anyone who knows how hard it is to upgrade and been through Solaris upgrades, or even yum upgrades back when Seth was alive), and then you cannot be sure your shiny new F30 is going to stay in shape.
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