@sesivany Great idea. I will not move thou, because of my existing account. But great place for fediverse newbies.

@sesivany That's a great idea! I would like to join. I like to keep my "circles" and I could use an account on fedora.social to keep in touch with all FOSS projects and contributors.

@sesivany I also think this is a great idea, though I don't want to move or have multiple accounts.

I would probably subscribe to all the feeds on such an instance, in any case! 🙂

@sesivany It's looking like all the main distros will have dedicated instances before long. (Mastodon user count increased 4%(80,000 users) in the last 7 days). Go for it.

@sesivany I would have, but just a few weeks ago, I moved to this instance (which is great) so I'm not up for another move.

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